Is this Mage deck Ok?

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Hey Guys im an old skool vanilla wow player getting into hearthstone, this is the 1st card type game ive played but i find this game is great and pretty addictive :) (but it can be bloody annoying too :)

I dont buy the packs for cash just the gold i win so its taken a while to build a deck im kinda' happy with as i got my 1st Legendary the other day after what seemed like forever and i crafted a few other cards i wanted.


I have Violet Teacher card not sure if i should use that?:
I also swap out the Acolyte of Pain card for a Gurubashi Berserker and hit him with a fireball to get the +3 damage

Also i wanted to ask whats best? just buying decks for 100G or doing Arena for 150G i kept loosing at Arena all 3 times then i went on a 5 or 6 game winning streak once with a Mage deck and it boosted me levels which was pretty cool, recently ive just been buying the packs for 100G to try and get some cards.

Im finding im having to change my playstyle now ive got Archmage Antonidas, picking a more spell heavy deck as having those fireballs with some + spellpower buffs can really do some damage, i also really like the Mirror Entity Card ive had a few Legendary copies with good timing on that card :)

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U have a lot of good cards x1 and bad cards x2...
Your deck is Midrange with a sole finisher. That means u will have troubles against BOTH rush decks and good control decks.
U run Kirin Tor Mage and Arcanist while only having 2 (worst) secrets. If u don't want to commit into secrets, +1 KTM, -1 Arcanist, put in useful secrets (f.e counterspell)
Why x1 Mana Wyrm? U either use those or not.
Why x1 Ice Lance? U either commit to the freeze combo or no (else it is a card that *unreliably* heals u for minion's atk dmg).
Frost Nova is bad if u don't run Doomsayers.
Water Elemental is one of the best 4drops in the games, u want to have 2 of those.
Fireball is the best dmg spell in the game afaik. U want 2 of those.
Poly x2 is good if u face a lot of Druids but VERY slow.
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