Here's a deck I built that's primarily based on using your hero power to trigger minion abilities, and then killing your opponent using those enraged minions and your spells. The cards that I have are divided into three types: minions that benefit from pings, cards that protect those minions, and powerful spells.

2 Mirror image - taunt units used primarily to protect your enrage creatures
2 Mana wyrm - a "soft taunt" creature
2 Frostbolt - removal, and freeze is useful for delay
1 Acidic swamp ooze - to counter weapon classes
2 Amani berserkers
2 Sorceror's apprentice - because it's a really good card
1 Arcane intellect - for card draw
2 Counterspell - to counter enemy spells directed to those enrage minions
2 Frost nova - if the enemy has board advantage, this will help them delay a turn.
2 Acolyte of pain - excellent source of card draw; also "soft taunt"
2 Raging worgen
2 Fireball
2 Polymorph
2 Water elemental - because it's a really good card
2 Azure drake - for spell damage
2 Flamestrike

Please rate this deck and tell me any modifications I would need to make. Thanks.

BTW, I purposely left out Gurubashi Berserker simply because it costs too much. It has the same attack as Amani, except for the latter you can play the 2 card and play another card that gives protection like mirror image.
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