Can't get past 15, need advice.

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So with my mage deck I can get to ranked 15 quickly enough, but just as quickly drop back down to as far as rank 19. Mostly I lose to priests and warlocks, although have beaten and lost to all classes. Every time I reach rank 15 I start on a massive loss streak that drops me back down so obviously the problem is somewhere in my deck and/or me. So here is my deck below, all advice and tips are greatly appreciated as I am at a loss.

My mage deck that is meant to burn the opponent down and hopefully kill in 5-6 turns. However the three problems i face the most often are lack of spell draws, lack of minion draws, or lack of any combo. After turn 6 I run out of steam and seem unable to dish out the same damage as earlier and almost always lose if it goes on this long.

Arcane Missile x2
Ice Lance x2
Mirror Image x2
Elven Archer x2
Leaper Gnome x2
Mana Wyrm x1
Frost Bolt x2
Knife Juggler x2
Loot Hoarder x2
Mana Addict x1
Sorcs apprentice x2
Arcane Int x2
Ice Block
Wolf Rider x2
Fireball x2
Water ele x1
Azure Drake x1
Gaget Auctioneer x1

Thanks in advance! :)
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I don't think the problem is in u. I mean u gotta be a REALLY GOOD player to have 3 copies of Loot Hoarder in a deck.

On a serious note:
If u intend to burn ppl u don't want ANY slow cards (-1 Image, -Mana Addict, - Auctioneer. -Ice Block)
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lol fixed :p was a hack until bliz caught on! :p jk. Ice block has actually won me a game or two, but its always been at tail end where i was hoping for a particular card draw next turn to win.

Any suggestions would I should replace them with?
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It depends on what u want. What do u face the most? What do u think your deck is lacking?

Winning with a topdeck has nothing to do with Ice Block =)
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I would drop 1 elven archer, 1 mana addict, 1 ice block and 1 auctioneer for 1 mana wyrm, 1 water elemental, 1 thalnos and 1 azure drake. If you don't have access to thalnos, you can keep the mana addict.
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I used a similar deck last season. I don't really do competitive rank play but I was able to get to rank 7 with it in an incredibly short time. Just one day of more or less casual play. Did incredibly well when everything aligned. A huge issue though was lack of water elemental. If I had used a frostbolt to deal with a minion, ice lance became more or less "useless".

I don't have leeroy though. I think I just used a Argent Commander.
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I have a leeroy and made some adjustments based on recommendations. Having a bit more success, will post new deck after i run it through the ringer. Still have issues with heal priests tho, think there's no getting around that.
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