Token Mage Deck

1 Argent Squire
2 Mana Wyrm
2 Ice Lance
2 Leper Gnome
2 Mirror Image
2 Arcane Missiles
2 Sorceror's Apprentice
2 Knife Juggler
2 Frostbolt
2 Arcane Intellect
2 Wolfrider
2 Fireball
2 Violet Teacher
2 Water Elemental
2 Azure Drake
1 Flamestrike

I designed this deck without any legendaries, since the only one I have is Leeroy. Perhaps that would fit in this deck, no idea really. Let me know what you think.
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well, to be honest, this is nothing new, it is just a slightly modified aggro mage deck. For a real token deck you need imp master. Even with violet teacher, it combos only with a knife juggler, I do not think this justifies it in otherwise fast deck.
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This is very similar to the Mage deck I use. The only differences between my list:

-1 Argent Squire
-2 Leper Gnome
-2 Wolfrider
-2 Azure Drake

+2 Demolisher
+2 Gadgetzan Auctioneer
+2 Polymorph
+1 The Black Knight

You're running a more rush aggro oriented approach, which is fine; it improves some matchups and weakens others. Basically, it's meta-dependent.

The only thing to add, is that you should consider running Gadgetzan. He makes a huge difference in almost all of my games, usually drawing me at least 2-3 cards per copy.
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i played this exact deck while climbing.. its fun but not that consistent imo.
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So what happens when you face a hunter? Just curious.
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05/25/2014 07:02 AMPosted by PtZpTz
So what happens when you face a hunter? Just curious.

for me it did really well.

just be wary about giving him trap value with x/2's and after round 4 i use mirror to combo off of only if i was sure i could kill in the next turn. I also gave away trades with the creature i thought less valuable so i could lay another creature i considered an upgrade. this let me scale the dmg until a place where spell dmg could finish - while only having 2 creatures out.

mind you all of this was before the UtH nerf.. dunno what they run now... only seen 1 under rank 3.

i should note: even though this is technically a rush deck.. you must trade a little bit depending on what you face. most of the time though i just went face if there was nothing he could set up off of on the table.
Edited by Whiz on 5/25/2014 11:00 AM PDT
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