Any advice for my control mage deck?

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Despite being in the current aggro meta, i still love to play control mage, but i do feel that this deck lack something that can hold off again aggro deck few turns, while still being good again control. This deck got me to rank 15, and after facing dozen aggro, i drop down to 18 :|

1 Arcane Missiles x2
1 Ice Lance x2
2 Frostbolt x2
2 Sorcerer's Apprentice x1
3 Counterspell x1
3 Ice Block x1
3 Spellbender x1
3 Big Game Hunter x1
3 Tauren Warrior x2
4 Cone of cold x1
4 Fireball x2
4 Polymorph x2
5 Abomination x1
5 Azure Drake x2
5 Faceless Manipulator x1
5 Gadgetzan Auctioner x1
5 Harrison Jones x1
6 Blizzard x1
6 Sunwalker x1
7 Flamestrike x1
7 Archmage Antonidas x1
8 Ragnaros the Firelord x1
9 Malygos x1

As you can see, from turn 1 to 4 i have only 2 Tauren Warrior and load of spell to play, and if RNG not on my side, im going to get beaten really hard. i also put in abomination and sunwalker to block, but both being 5 and 6 mana might be quite late.

About late game combo, i have Antonidas, Malygos mostly for bait with counterspell and spellbender to suck out removal, and if opponent can't kill them, i drop Sorcerer's Apprentice and start nuking, so that Sorcerer's Apprentice isn't for early play either. Rag, faceless and big game hunter also a good combo again few classes too.

i'm thinking about change both tauren warrior for something better, been having a difficult between wild pycromancer, doomsayers and arcane explosion.

Any advice would be much appreciate.
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This is just my opinion but your deck doesnt have alot of synergy. I dont want to sound rude but i would scrap the whole thing and start over. What i mean by "synergy" is take for instance you use armani beserker, well some other two drops that synergize with it would be mad bomber or wild pyromancer because they can trigger the enrage for you.

Having two polymorph and a big game hunter seems a little overkill for removal.

The iceblock to me (and cone of cold) doesnt fit, instead you should focus on board control.

Also Malygos is strangely very awkward and hard to use very well for mages imo. Yeah its 5 spell power but cost 9 mana to use and by than it is most likely your spells have been used or it will be removed anyways. I actually DE'd mine for Cairne

Last thing is i dont see tauren warrior as a very good taunt. Your better off waiting for the four mana tazdingo.

These opinions are just based on my playing style tho so take what you want from it and than do what you want to do from there.
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Malygos actually not a game ending, and it's quite useless sometime, so i mainly use him as a bait, i realize that when i put him on, ppl always use hard removal on him. Unless they have none, then i can start nuking, And malygos is actually my favorite card, so it's very hard for me to take him out :(

I do agree with you on cone of cold, it does seem like a joke, 4 mana for 3 dmg max, with freeze, but other than that, i have no aoe card at low mana,and can stop the rush. Arcance explosion does only 1 dmg, which somehow can only clear a full murlock board, still quite weak to me. I still don't know what card to replace cone of cold.

4 mana Tazdingo, you mean Sen'jin Shieldmasta? it have 3 dmg, which can be kill by priest easily, tauren warrior on the other side, can ping with mage hero power, so i think it's somewhat useful, imo.

i think i might replace malygos with alex, or add cairne
So what do you think, which card should i add/remove in order to have more board control?
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Yeah tazdingo can be killed by priest but it does good against rush decks, than they have to hit it with theyre 2 health minions. Thing is your not gonna have an answer to every class or meta, i ussually play multiple decks depending on the meta im facing, i love my control deck the most though, here ill post my control deck but im not saying this is the best deck, its just the deck i have had the most success with for how i play. Also this is not a netdeck, this is my own deck, but there may be other decks like it who knows.
Control OG (didnt know what else to name it lol)
Arcane Missiles x1
Mirror Image x1
Arcane explosion x2
Bloodmage thalnos x1
Frostbolt x2
Armani Berserker x2
Kobold Geomancer x1
Mad Bomber x2
Wild Pyromancer x2
Acolyte of Pain x1
Mind Control Tech x1
Fireball x2
Polymorph x2
Senjin Shieldmasta x2
Azure drake x2
Faceless Manipulator x1
Cairne x1
Sylvannas x1
Black Knight x1
Flamestrike x1
Ragnaros x1

Its legendary control, the kobold is for the arcane explosion in case blood mage thalnos doesnt show up, ill have the kobold to increase spell damage on the arcane explosion. Even if you dont get the combo by turn 6, you can kobold and two arcane explos thats like a mini flamestrike for early aoe 4 damage to all minions.
Ive been contemplating getting rid of black knight but i wont use him for like 6 games and than he will be priceless on the handlock where i can kill a taunted giant with him, so for that reason i havent gotten rid of him yet. Of course rag is irreplaceable and especially when you can faceless rag for 16 damage double fireballs.
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Your deck has 13 minions, 4-5 of them are situational and 3 of them are 7+ drops. You need to change too many things.
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As a Mage u can't control the board via spells (ironically).
At BEST on turn 4 u will deal 2dmg to all enemy's minions which is the worse consecration (bcuz for u it is a combo).

-How to control the board early game?
-Pick early game minions that trade favorably: Argent Squires, Scarlet Crusaders, Harvest Golem (altho I think it is a slow card).

What is the Abomination for? Against rush decks by turn5 u will be that low on health it will actually only speed up the inevitable. Against board control/midrange decks it might trade reasonably. Against Control it is junk.

Tauren Warriors are bad most of the time.
-Why are they bad? It is so good to ping them down to 5/2!
-Because u pay 3 mana for a minion that trades equally for any 3/2 (2drop) which results in u losing tempo.

Ice Block is junk unless u play OTK (which u are not).

Antonidas wants u to have at least 1 Mirror Image in the deck (else he will trade unfavorably or 1:1).

Harrison Jones is an overpriced Ooze that sits there as a dead weight most of the game and waits. Even when he comes out he trades badly (bcuz 4hp) which results in u losing tempo (but gaining cards).

x2 Poly + x1 BGH is only relevant against Handlock and Ramp Druid. In ALL other matchups u have 3 dead cards in your deck (at least BGH has a body).

Auctioneer in a Mage deck that doesn't want to waste spells only results in tempo loss because his stats are terrible.

Your priority with finishers seems off. U have to drop RAG 1st (if given choice) because he has a guaranteed value of 8dmg (somewhere) and trades 1:1 at least. U only drop Antonidas if u can proc him for 1st Fireball the same turn (or u are a believer) unless u have Spellbender in play. U drop Malygos because he is a beefy MUST REACT minion.
From your 3 finishers the biggest threat is Malygos.

P.S. Cairne is way to slow. Boulderfist Ogre is better in most cases.
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Thx alot incorporated,krizalid and alife, i got a better view at my deck after reading ur answer.
I've been busy with work lately, haven't reply soon enough.
I'll try to build another deck, and see if it have better synergy and least situational minion.
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these are great advice guys:) thanks i had the same question as diabloxvi and i read all of these tips and it works most of the time I've also watched this video that my friend made that may help guys!!
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