How can beat Warlock?

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I can beat easily 7 another classes but Warlock is class I never can beat, I always change my desk to beat that class but I still fail beacause 2 this cards :
- Soulfire ( Deal 4 damage - With 0 mana )
- Doomguard ( 5/7 Srsly? And chagre - OMG!!!! Just summon this fuking card and "tap tap tap")
Discard is the bull!@#$, Dishcard what when he only have 1 Card and use this, after that use Hero Power? That class is never can beat...
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So this is another Soulfire+Doomguard QQ thread, how original of you. Druid is actually 1 of the classes that have the best Zoo matchup so if you can't beat them it's clearly a L2P issue rather than a balance issue. You're also obviously exaggerating at being able to easily handle all the other classes, should have been 8 by the way, not 7.
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Zoolock is not really hard with druid, unless you get crazily unlucky with draw in the first turns.
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So you can esily beat 7 classes but because you cant beat the other one its a problem :)
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I used to have big problems in the warlock matchup as well.
After putting in a starfall + senjin vs zoo and 1x naturalize and bgh vs handlock i have far less problems.

Zoo should be no problem after making a few tweaks to your deck, handlock im afraid will always be one of your worst matchups.
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I have a hard time facing handlock with ramp, but with token I have a chance, really have no answer for giants
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Handlocks are hard for anyone without good control or removal.

Normally you can deal with the drakes via silences, and use a bgh for 1st giant and deal with 2nd somehow (4 atk minion & swipe etc).

The problem is if you can't finish him in 1 turn before he can double molten and taunt them up - especially if you don't have any nukes to throw at his face to finish him.

It's one of the better control decks because of built in draw mechanics (you don't need to draw a "drawing" card) with most big threats, good finishers (be it leeroy or power overwhelming on a giant etc), 3 to 6 heals (2 siphon souls, 2 earthring, jarr and / or alex). Great board wipes with shadowflames / hellfires, 2 to 4 good single target nukes (1-2 being usable on enemy hero) etc.
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I'm in the same boat as you, the last couple days I've been really beating my head against a wall of Handlock, I think it's just a case of admitting an awful place in the meta as far as Handlock is concerned and just swapping deck to something that can manage it. It annoys me that priest is de rigueur right now because I was running that ages ago, but oh well. Time to look like That Guy because it just handles giants brilliantly.

At least until Poison Seeds come out. That gives us a fighting chance, alongside the couple tech BGH and Black Knight that should be in all Druids right now.
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This comes from a Ramp Druid perspective. Might not be the same for the other types.

My winrate against Zoo is really high with Druid. Once you place down that fat Ancient of War, the game is usually over. I'm usually always behind for the first couple of turns, but my powerhouses often takes out several cards. Just watch them cry as you play a turn 5 Druid of the Claw, turn 6 Sunwalker followed by a turn 7 Ancient of War. Just try to use all your mana every turn, kill Knife Jugglers ASAP, and don't worry about your health too much. I'm rarely above 10 hp when I crush them to the ground.

Against Handlock you just need a bit of luck. It's a hard match up for Druid, but far from impossible. I haven't met too many of them, but I think I've won about 50%.
Getting that Big Game Hunter for the turn 4 Mountain Giant can be the critical difference between a loss and a win. Trying to save your Swipes for the final rush down can really do a lot.
Having the Force of Nature + Savage Roar combo in your deck also helps a lot against Handlock.

The best tips I can give you is ALWAYS keep Keeper of the Grove in your hand against Warlock. It silences Twilight Drake and kills those pesky 3/2 behind a Shieldbearer.
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I agree. I run a ramp druid and usually do well against locks. I am seriously thinking about putting a couple of "Naturalize" cards in my deck for this reason.
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Any style of Druid is going to run Wrath, Swipe, Keeper, Innervate and Druid of the Claw. These are the things to mull for against a Warlock, if you think it's Zoo (and 70-80% of the time is, unless you're in the middle single digit ranks or better). Wrath removes early threats, Swipe is AoE, and Keepers can use the 2 damage option for good trades. If you can Innervate out a Druid in bear mode on turn three (or coin it on turn 2), that really helps stall out Zoo.

Watcher Druids can obviously get up super early defenses, and Miracle Druids have more removal options. Ramp is the only popular style that I think can have trouble, if you can't remove the lock's early threats.
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Here are 10 cards that own zoo lock. I win about 80% of the time vs them and am rank 5 thus far this month (ran out of gold rewards tonight :-/) Notice a lot of these can be doubled in your deck (and should be) so your chance of pulling at least a few of them is pretty high hence the win rate.

Innervate - You really really need to get something big out or he'll run over you with a lot of small crap. Getting a big 7+ minion out is a game changer on turn 4

Wild Growth - same as above, if you can use wild growth turn 2 and get tas dingo turn 3 you're in good shape, he'll have to clear his board or burn a soulfire (and another card since his hand won't be empty yet) to take care of it. Then next turn you can drop a bear druid, or swipe, or any number of other things.

Swipe - this card is so clutch vs zoo, especially if you keep stuff he drops at 1 health when you have it in your hand. Don't hit that knife twice to kill on turn 2, hit him once, then hit the other 2 HP drop once, and swipe the void. Sometimes he will play around this and buff any 1 HP minions with his sun cleric, when he does that the best possible solution is a thalnos plus swipe if you can. A clutch thalnos drop followed by a swipe is almost always a game ender.

Tas Dingo- The 4 cost troll taunt is so important to this match up, not having 2 of these is insane. They almost always either take one of their 2 soulfires and trade 1 for 1, or they trade 2 or 3 for one. Either way a great use of 4 mana.

Keeper - The keeper is so key on turn 3 (or earlier with growth/innervate) because it lets you hit that knife thrower even when he drops void or shield bearer to keep him protected. He's also good vs imp. Really all the early minions are 2 HP or less so he's pretty perfect all around.

Baron Geddon - This is a late game play, but he's just amazing vs any kind of rush. He literally will clear the board every round of pretty much everything other than doomguard. That doomguard he will almost always have to trade 1 for 1 for baron which is advantage you. You have other big stuff, he only has doom guards and probably loses cards to play him. IMO this is the absolute best legendary vs rush.

Ancient of War- If you can bait out his soul fires and keep the minions to a reasonable level (3 or less) this guy is a game ender. He needs to clear his board and then some to do 10 damage. His only real recourse is doomguard and even then it only gets him halfway there. If you have 2 of these or can faceless one that is above 6 health almost all locks will auto concede. He's just their bane across the board. His only weakness is silence, so if you can bait a silence on tas dingo or thalanos that's pretty key. The last thing you want to have happen is to put him out and have him turned into a 5/5 while they smash your face. That is incidentally why baron is better than he is, he offensively clears the board instead of waiting for them to attack you and die on their own.

Mark of the wild - This is key on keeper and other non taunt minions because it turns them into something the lock has to trade 2 or 3 for one on. A really cluth play is to faceless manipulator a doomguard, mark of the wild him, and kill off their doomguard while still having a 7/4 taunt minion left over. The best play of all time if you have innervate or are late game is to play mark of the wild on their doomguard, faceless him, then pop him with a big game hunter. That is pretty much a game ender if you can pull it off.

druid of the claw - playing him in bear form early is pretty awesome if you can get him out. The best time to play him is if you can wild growth with the coin leaving you at 3 mana next turn, then innervate to 5 and play this guy. Really though any time he will almost always trade 2 or 3 for one and just ruin their day. He's a great place holder until you can get the tree of win out, and unlike the tree his stats don't go down if he gets silenced which is a nice bonus.

Sylvanis - She is pretty much a guaranteed 3 for 1 or 4 for one because of her stats and her death rattle. The lock will almost always have minions out for her to steal. Even if he doesn't attack her you can mark her to make her a target or just kill her clearing out minions and force the death rattle. The normal strategy of not playing minions and clearing her with a spell just isn't an option which makes her stronger than normal.
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One of Zoolock's hardest match-ups is Druid actually, I don't know what the problem is.
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Zoo is pretty straight forward. Most viable druid decks have a good matchup against it. You pretty much just drop your big taunt minions like you would against any other deck and swipe/starfall when things get out of hand. I probably win at least 60% of the time against zoo. 60% of the time I start off with a wild growth/wrath/other cards to help me out early, the other 40% of the time I don't so I lose. As with any other matchup, you win if you draw decently, you lose if you don't. Handlock on the other hand, you better pray you draw a BGH, or you probably lose.
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Thank you for having something to say and not just another "Oh QQ some more" jag that has the audacity to slam someone for "originality" I also have a time with warlock but it DOES seem like It's just a crap shoot on what class you happen to be playing. Giants can go to hell LOL.
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Actually with druid you can loose against zoo with a terrible starting hand only.

Muligan for swipe, wrath and keeper of the groove is usually the key for the win (still can loose if the lock has perfect starting hand and draw). If you play ramp druid always make sure you have a taunter on board. And if you play token druid don't hesitate to sacrifice FoN for board clear.

Summ: have the enemy board clear and you won.
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