Is Burn Mage Making a Niche in the Meta?

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Given that there are so many high damage combos, so much minion control, and Zoo around does the Burn Mage actually have a role as a counter-meta deck?

Given that decks right now are about handling board until you get your combos for the kill does the Mage deck make it so they're not as effective? Given that they can stall cards (Frost Nova) and kill with Doomsayer while setting up their spells and while being able to ignore things like Taunt I predict that Burn Mage is going to become more dominant.

With all the 15+ damage combos around Ice Block becomes extremely useful, as well as Ice Barrier.

Anyway, thoughts?
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Not really.
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Indeed, not really, especially since pyroblast is so bad.
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im pretty sure that pyroblast is not a core item for a burn mage deck
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I don't think it will become dominate. Most appear (I could be wrong) to hit a road block at rank 5.

And yeah, pyro is not a core item of mage burn. If it's in a deck its because of personal preferences.
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i've tried the otk mage which is basically the same as the burn mage and its just terrible, i thought it would be pretty good but it just rarely works the way you want it to (burn mage as such is even worse because the control decks all have healing nowadays)
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just saying nearly a month ago I called it.
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Got to love that every deck on this game is not the exact same of another deck that a random someone made.... Thank you icy veins for making everything look alike and boring to play to...
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I'd say the deck has its place. Fair matchup against Zoo/Handlock. Good matchup against Hunter and Rogue. When you start facing more Warriors and Druids than either of those 3 classes, it may be time to dust something else off. Until about Rank 5 though, you should feel comfortable playing any of the 'Turbo Mage' builds that are running around, especially if you have Thalnos. No Legend is actually needed, but his spell power + card draw with the low casting cost gives significant depth the to bare bones Burn Mage concept.
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Freeze Mage has been around since forever, and right now it's actually good against a lot of the meta. Freeze Mage has a lot of versions, what you call burn Mage is actually a version of it as you still rely on the stalling aspect of the deck to survive until you can kill with your spells, which is precisely what Freeze Mage does. So yeah, Freeze Mage, despite the massive nerf wave that hit it hard, is still around, though significantly weaker than it used to be and nowhere near as dominant. Still, against the right decks it does wonders, it just doesn't dominate every matchup like it used to, so it's more of a counter deck than a grinding deck thus more useful in tournaments than on the ladder.
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