Lets build a Voidcaller deck !

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Even tho not all Naxx. cards arent revealed we can still try to come up with something.Its doubtful that many new demons will appear and the Voidcaller is obviously made for demon synergy so lets see what we can come up with.

So imo for voidcaller to have the maximum efficiency we need the stronger demons in that deck so we will probably focus our mid range oriented deck.
The best demons voidcaller can summon are :
Illidan, Dreaded Infernal, Pit lord, Doomguard and ARGUABLY Jaraxxus.

Now the question is which one we want to use ?

Illidan goes in without a doubt (imo).Now Pit lord or doomguard or infernal ? I believe Dreaded infernal gets underlooked because he doesnt have a negative battlecry that we ignore but in reality he and doomguard have the best stats when it comes to raw power.So i guess following this logic the pit lord gets excluded ?

Other minions ?
Void terror seems like a no brainer.Being able to destroy Voidcaller while still having his stats on the board seems to good.
Also our lord and savior Jaraxxus goes in.

What about early game minions ?
Well i think Flame Imp will be in a 100%.It provides too much of a threat and can easly draw out an enemy removal like lightning bolt or wrath.
Now i was thinking about Voidwalker but i honestly dont see him fitting in.He doesnt have much firepower, he usually isnt worth getting consumed by Void Terror or summoned by Voidcaller.
What about succubus ?
Im not sure about her at all...maybe someone else can share his thoughts?
11 minions so far, maybe we will need some neutrals ?
Maybe a leeroy or a black knight ? Im open to suggestions.

Now lets see what will we use as spell support ?
Soulfire? I have serious doubts this will work in synergy with voidcaller, it seems counter productive but maybe its too good to let go ?
Sense demons seems to be a no brainer, it can provide minions on demand, seems too good.
Poweroverwhelming, once again a no brainer being able to trade up or go for burst face damage seems too good.You can combined it with a Voidcaller to get a summon on the end of your turn after you hit him in the face ot trade into a stronger minion like an Ogre.
Shadowbolt great for mid range, i see no reason not to use it.
Aoe Removal ? Hellfire vs Shadowflame I doubt we will need two of both 2 aoe removals should be enough but which one ? Or maybe one of both?
Hellfire has the advantage of not needing a minion on the board meaning its usually easier to play earlier too, but then again it has the limit of 3 damage,also damages you and your board.
Shadowflame might require a minion to sacrifice but you can destroy your own Voidcaller and maybe get a Doomguard on the field while doing damage to the enemy board.Also can do much higher AoE damage on the enemy board with Poweroverwhelming and has the potential to bring down beefier targets.
Soul Syphon seems a must have, i dont see other ways of dealing with late game threats such as ragnaros or Ysera.Im putting 2 of those, but might get reduced to 1.
Demonfire A must have IMO it has utility to both damage and buff a demon and since we will be running mostly demons its perfect.

Bane of doom ? Twisting nether ? Not sure about that.The main weaknes of twisting nether is that it leaves you with an empty board, destryoing a voidcaller means that wont be the case.
Bane of doom is a bit more gimmicky but damn i want it to work so badly...

So the deck so far looks like this:

2xVoid Terror
2xFlame imp
1-2xDreaded infernal ?
2xSense demons
2xShadowflame/Hellfire (or 1 of both)
2xSoul Syphon
1xLord Jaraxxus

23 cards so far. 12 minions , 11 spells (2 of which are for minion draw).
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You've got a lot of demons there, you really think 2x Sense Demons is needed? You've still got your hero power after all.
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06/05/2014 06:26 AMPosted by Pancake
You've got a lot of demons there, you really think 2x Sense Demons is needed? You've still got your hero power after all.

Hm true, but sense demons will give you a better chance of getting a voidcaller in your hand than your hero power will,because you are drawing only from your minion pool and not your overall deck.Its also 2 cards and it costs 1 so its +1 card.
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Mine looks like this:

AG- attack giver (4)
TG- taunt giver (2)
TG/AG - (2)
Nerubian Egg enablers: 6

0 mana
Soulfire x2 ****SP

1 mana
Power Overwhelming x2 *^*^*SP/AG
Abusive Seargent x2 /^\/^\ AG
Voidwalker x2

2 mana
Ancient Watcher x2
Nerubian Egg x2
Sunfury Protector x2 []-|-[]TG

3 mana
Harvest Golem x2

4 mana
Shadowflame x2
Defender of Argus x2 === TG/AG
Pit Lord x1
Voidcaller x2

5 mana
Doomguard x2

6 mana
Dread Infernal x2

7+ mana
Molten Giant x2

I figure 6 terrifying threats is enough to justify voidcaller. You have life tap for a reason. This deck basically hybridizes handlock and zoolock's strengths, but morphs them into a more solidified deck. I removed two flame imps to make room for the taunt givers since the early game is strong enough (this isn't zoo, this is midrange). That way you can keep your health safe while constantly putting up new taunt walls, but while also pressuring your opponent.

Molten giants are there for all the tapping and the pit lord synergy. The whole point of this deck is to keep pumping out disproportionately large threats.
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