06/08/2014 02:40 PMPosted by TranceFox
The last 3 seasons Zoolock was ment as a control deck, controlling the board while dealing damage where you could. All of a sudden it's turned into some sort of rush deck lol... I've seen people add overwhelming power+Leeroy, Leper Gnomes etc. I personally liked it better as a control deck but that doesn't seem to be the flavor of this season. Anyone got a link to a standard Zoolock rush deck? I'm curious how different they are compared to the control version i've been using on and off for the last 3 seasons.

Before all the hate flows in, Yes, my warlock is level 60. My other classes are level 45-50 except hunter which is like 22 cuz the hell with hunter, so I play ALL classes/decks ;p However, this new zoolock has me very curious.

The reason is very simple: miracle rogue. Pay 1 mana and 3 life for a flame imp or 2 mana for Juggler? Backstab for 0 mana or SI:7 for 3 mana leaving a 3/3 body. So players are switching twards a more rush oriented deck.