Which Legendarys are usefull for Zoo lock

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Hello Community
Im playing new the Zoo lock and I wanted to know which legendarys are usefull for that deck?
Im Using currently the Lorewalker can sometimes be usefull!
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Pretty much that's it, and mostly because its a cheap 2 mana spell that will mess with your opponent and doesn't really impact your game since you aren't running any spells except soulfire. He'll either act as a soft taunt or get you an extra removal spell. You could give your opponent a soulfire with him which will probably result in your opponent discarding something they dont want to discard.

Most legendary cards cost more than 5 mana, you want to avoid expensive cards in your deck that could get discarded and/or prevent you from playing the doomguard. This is why even the argent commander's get cut from the modern deck.

Goal with zoo is to make efficient trades. The other cheap legendary Bloodmage doesn't do this. Something like Cairne has a nice sticky deathrattle, but again is kind of expensive for a true zoo deck. Feasibly Leeroy could be included because he's cheap enough, but he'll die against anything you trade him with - he's more of a rush card or a finisher than a control card.
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Black Knight, and even that's not needed.

Lorewalker isn't too optimal, but it can work.
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Maybe Millhouse manastorm?
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millhouse can sometimes be a big risk against amges for example.
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You don't even need a brain to play this deck. Enjoy.
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06/09/2014 09:55 AMPosted by Jukebox
You don't even need a brain to play this deck. Enjoy.

Nor a huge wallet. Nor any Legendary cards at all.
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Millhouse could work but only if you can play him on turn 1-2. Imagine letting a miracle rogue go to town with all free spells.
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Play a real deck.
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WEll Im playing more then just Zoo lock but my question was just simple which legendarys would be fit for that kind of deck.
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King Mukla
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I've been using Lorewalker Cho in my Zoo for a few weeks now. It's pretty damn effective, almost always eats a spell and gives you a copy, or shuts down spells entirely.

Nothing quite like shutting down a Ramp Druid early on with this card.
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I'm going to go crazy here and say HOGGER... I think Hogger and his army of taunting gnolls works really well with a Zoo deck... you're usually in control of the board anyways, or at least making efficient trades... if you can get Hogger out there by turn 6 (turn 5 with coin), and have control of the board, as a Zoo lock, you're going to be sitting pretty with Hogger spamming out extra minions every turn.
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Hogger is too expensive, and if you were going to do that why not just use Cairne, Sylvanas, or even Illidan? It's not like the Taunt nature of the Gnolls is particularly important to what Zoo would like to do.

Anyway, there aren't really any Legendaries that are particularly useful in Zoo. Cho can be alright, but he's also very replaceable and gimmicky. Mukla could be alright, but you don't really want to give your opponent Bananas since you want to be able to make efficient minion trades.

Millhouse is just begging to get hit with double-free AoEs or something and lose board control via sudden spell-spam. Tinkmaster Overspark is too unreliable, and generally not something you want to play if you control the board anyway.

Nat Pagle is too unreliable, but could be used in place of Cho if you didn't want to deal with potential head-ache's and/or still want to run Mortal Coil in addition to Soulfire.

Anyone I'm missing?
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Tinkmaster is risky but gives you free wins sometimes
Mukla is good, but backfires sometimes (especially in mirror)
Cho is great, but hard to set up and to get value. Be careful when you use soulfire btw. Based on my experience you will discard cho 100% times if you will have him in hand. :P
Pagle and millhouse are terrible
Black knight is too situational imho
Thalnos is too situational as well

I have a zoo deck with pitlords, mukla, tinkmaster and cho. If i can get these guys early (the first turn you can play them) they might give you free win. Later these cards are just garbage :(
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Legendary cards aren't necessary for Zoo, However, if you really want to use one, consider Lorewalker, Mukla, Leeroy and the Black Knight.
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You don't need any legends, "classic" Zoo (build around sticky creatures that trade well) probably wants none at all.

You could make a more aggressive one with Charge creatures including Leeroy Jenkins, possibly Power Overwhelming and/or a single AoE as a soft reset. Not sure if this still qualifies as Zoo.

You can throw in Mukla or Tinkmaster Overspark... but tbh there are all sorts of other potentially powerful 3-drops you could throw in:
Blood Knights if you already run Argent Squire/Scarlet Crusader. Questing Adventurer if your curve is already low even by Zoo standards. Big Game Hunter if you already like Dark Iron Dwarves in addition to Abusive Sergeants.
All of these are a little gimmicky.
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Most high level zoo decks do not have any legendaries in them.
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