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So I finally crafted Tirion. I have mained Pally for sometime now, but am just now coming off a break.
Anyway, I just faced a control mage that decided to play very aggressive and I was destroyed, which is odd considering my deck is built around surviving until late game. I do not blame rng for this since I drew pretty well the entire game.
My deck:

Holy Light x2
Earthen Ring x2
Lay on Hands

Peacekeeper x2
Equality x2
Consecrate x2
Truesilver x2
Hammer x2
Avenging Wrath
Sen'jin x2

Yeti x2
Harvest x2

Late game:

My legends other legends are Leeroy, Ysera, and Gelbin.

Am I focusing too much on control and because of this I'm lacking any real damage output, or am I just feeling the pain of taking a break?

I would try giants in this deck if I didn't de them all :(
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I hate to burst your bubble but this is the reason so many people are asking Paladin to get buffed and is why Paladin is ranked as the worst Hero currently. Paladin control really doesn't have any amazing matchups. Its not a bad deck but almost every other major deck out there is just stronger in general. Last night I played about 6 games with Paladin Control because I got tired of playing my other decks and only won a couple times. Last season I got to rank 2 with a Shockadin deck. Paladin control is my favorite deck but it wont be 100% viable until Paladin gets buffed/new cards/very slow meta. Also, I don't want to make you cry for de your giants but you do realize there is something called a Paladin Giant Control deck right?
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Hammer is kinda bad in control imo, it's way too slow and just snowballs you further into losing against zoo.

Other recommendations :
-1 Abom
+1 Pyro

Abom is anti synergy with your hero power and is outright awful against control
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Abom is fine since its mainly used to counter agro and with heals works well (though some abom plays are more advanced in nature), that said 2x pyro is more important. All your "tempo" cards can be replaced also. I personally also dont like holy light, and if i ran it I would only run 1.
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