To disenchant, or not to disenchant

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To my fellow incarnates of Darkness,

I recently drew Golden Jaraxxus from a booster, soon therafter though, I drew normal Jaraxxus from another booster (I know, first world problems here). Regardless, I am so tempted to disenchant Golden Jar Jar and craft 2 legendaries with it. What would you guys do? He looks so baddass,but the dust could also be so useful! Can't decide if I should pull the trigger.

P.S: I already have Leeroy, Thalnos, Black Knight, Sylvanas and Alextraza.
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I personally would disenchant the Gold card. However, I'm also inherently apathetic when it comes to shininess.

If you like shininess, keep the Gold. If you think you'll play long enough to get mostly Gold cards for a Warlock deck, keep the Gold. If you aren't sure yet what it is you want with the Dust, keep both. If you do not wish to face the wrath of JARAXXUS ERADAR LORD OF THE BURNING LEGION!, keep the Gold. If none of the other statements in this paragraph apply to you... disenchant that shiny crap.
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Consider this:
1. Do you love playing Warlock? I mean more than any other class? In the vein where you go "I'll play that class forever and ever and ever!!!!!"
2. Do you love shiny sparkles and gold animations?
3. You may only get a golden Legendary once, ever. Does that matter to you?

If the above applies to you, then keep the golden, awesome JARAXXUS! EREDAR LORD OF THE BURNING LEGION!

If not, disenchant the golden one and craft others.
That applies especially if you have very few legendaries in the first place.
Having 3 Legendaries after DE of Gold Leg and then crafting two new ones is better than having just 1.
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I would keep them both
You already have fine legendaries
The chance to get another Golden Jaraxxus are so small.
You have to play for another year or 2 for that to happen.

Dont destroy em !
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After much consideration I think I'm gonna keep him. He looks freaking baddass, and Warlock is definitely my class. I'm already at 350 ranked games with this class and looking to get it to the 500 within this month. The only downside of keeping him is that I want to put him on every freaking deck that I make! Even if it makes me lose it just feels plain good to play him lol.
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