Handlock and Ancient Watcher

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Is it possible to not run this? I hate the idea of having to run these x2 and x2 Ironbeak Owl.

I feel like this deck could use better cards like Faceless/BGH.

Can we discuss the options and if they are viable for Legend?
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Of course u can skip the Watchers.

The thing is that u are running Molten Giants which are only droppable when u are low on health and that is why u ALWAYS want to taunt them up. (else u die to chargers)
As u already run 4 activators for Watchers why not run them?
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Are there examples of Legend Hand Lock decks out there that don't run Owl/Watcher combos?
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I use Spellbreaker instead of the owls.
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The ancient watcher is important for shadow flame as most aggro players do not destroy it.

Without that, you need hellfire which further damages your health, and you can only have two in the deck.

Watcher + power overwhelming + shadow flame is the strongest one-sided board clear in game.
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In naxx you can run void terrors and nerubian eggs instead of owl/watcher. A much better option in my opinion.

In the current game you can still run void terrors but you have to be careful. Void/watcher is a pretty wtf 7/8 on turn 3 play but It often gets removed. The real value is from power overwhelming, you can boost a unit then absorb its stats into the void terror and have a permanent boosted unit. You can also use it to absorb a crippled giant/drake that would otherwise die the following turn.

The main problem with terror is that if you have a minions on the field you HAVE to sacrifice at least one minion to play the terror. This can really hurt your momentum because one big unit is often easier to deal with then multiple minions.

It's a pretty nifty early game play if you draw it and no drakes/mountain. If you do draw drake/mountain with it you have to choose between opening by dicking around with a terror or going straight for the drake/mountain. If you do go drake/mountain now the terror is a dead card because you don't want it to eat your big guys.

I personally gave up on the void terror, at least until naxx comes out. Feel free to try it out yourself and see what you think.
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I love the watchers.

You have to realize watchers aren't really for the owls. Sure, it's an option you have, but really the owls are for other things. Silence is really important in the meta which is why I would run two owls regardless of whether I ran watchers.

As for watchers, they're the definition of value. I almost never have them as a dead card.

People argue that you want to save your taunters for your giants. But ideally, all you need is that molten + molten + argus or sunfury + loatheb turn. The early game mountain giants and twilight drakes can be taunted but only sometimes would you need to. Besides, you're not going to always have the mana or the bodies to taunt up; the watchers just give you another thing to protect yourself with for cheap.

Watchers are also great for shadowflame, as watcher + shadowflame = 6 mana flamestrike.

In fact, aggro decks hate deciding whether or not to kill a watcher. If they ignore it and overextend, a shadowflame could cost them the game. If they decide to kill it, you just got great value since it was essentially a 2 mana yeti.

In other words, watcher + owl aren't necessarily for the early game, making egg + void terror a bad replacement. Void terror is straight up a bad card for handlock because you want to keep more minions on the board. The fact that your taunts will always be on the side since argus is played in the middle means there's even less opportunity to use void terror.

The egg has fewer procs than ancient watcher is and simply less useful. The egg has to be killed before it's useful for shadowflame, and the egg's health is way lower than a watcher's. Eggs are also vulnerable to silence while a watcher isn't.
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09/22/2014 02:37 AMPosted by SansNickel

In fact, aggro decks hate deciding whether or not to kill a watcher. If they ignore it and overextend, a shadowflame could cost them the game. If they decide to kill it, you just got great value since it was essentially a 2 mana yeti.

2 mana yeti with taunt. Such value.
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Sometimes people will just kill them without even having to silence them or taunt them. Pure gold value
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I have found that my Watchers are extremely valuable. They eat spells, protect the face, can sometimes cause early pressure/board clearing, and just flat out annoy and get into the head of the opponent (I think mostly just because they cannot always be immediately sure how the watcher will be utilized each time).
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guys hit the nail on the head!

while they might seem unappealing at first they are invaluable. they cost two mana, 2x watcher and DoA can build you a nice wall to protect face. and of course shadowflame..i wouldn't pull watchers or owls from my handlock. owls are just plain mandatory. silence is just too important.
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Silentstorm ran 2 voidcallers and 2 doomguards instead of watchers,2nd argus and 2nd siphon in prismata cup finals iirc, you might want to look into that.
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