Paladin Control vs. Miracle

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We all know this is an atrocious matchup and it's nearly unwinnable. But what are your guys' strategies? And no, I'm not talking about aggro pally, I play control
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I play midrange paladin.

You hope they dont draw auctioneer. That's about all you can do.

I won a few games against miracle, they either didnt draw auctioneer or didnt draw leeroy.

Or i had some good burst with avenging wrath and survived with 3 hp.
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I have a relatively decent win rate against miracle rouge with my control Paladin deck (relative in that I've won a couple), but I might just be getting lucky recently.

You HAVE to pressure them early, so they use up spells. This way, if/when they get the Auctioneer they can't draw too many cards. Also, having an Equality + Pyromancer/Consecration helps, in case they do get the stealth Auctioneer.

I found running 2 Oozes and 2 Acolyte of Pains helps, this way they have to spend mana rearming their weapon and they have to use spells to get rid of the Acolyte of Pains.

Also, hope they don't draw Leeroy. :)
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Play down aldor peacekeeper and your other cheap drops even if you cannot use the effect. Force the removal before auctioneer comes. Pray for equality + pyro/consecrate when the auctioneer comes.

When I win this matchup, they fatigue to death because I kept my hp up with all the heals. When I lose... ok I dont need to explain that one.

They WILL draw all their cards, so keeping hp above 26 is crucial
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Also if you can make them use shadowstep to keep auctioneer out, you will probably win :)
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Nothing like killing their concealed Gadgetzan with an Avenging Wrath
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heal & luck, you dont need anything else.
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Pressure them early, so they have to use up spells. Hold onto Equality/Consecration or Pyromancer for concealed Gadgetzan.

Hope Blizzard nerfs Leeroy.
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