OP Paladins

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Seriously why are they so OP.

Seems like the developers made their cards kind of cheaty.
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06/10/2014 11:20 AMPosted by Breakerton
Seriously why are they so OP.

Seems like the developers made their cards kind of cheaty.

I really hope this is a troll thread.
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just when you think this forum can't possibly get any more obtuse...
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As a Paladin player myself, I find it quite the opposite IMO. I struggle against most other class' in Constructed. This may just be my lack of skill and cards, but from my understanding Pally is one of the more difficult Class' to master and really hang on the ladder. :-)
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I will guess someone lost to a shockadin today
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I am going to make a Paladin Deck for the first time today and see how I do. Now I am excited to see if I am right or wrong about this.

I have played only as a Warrior for the past week and I am also new to the game. I have been playing a week so far.

I will fight with Honor seems like an oxymoron since the cards for a Paladin are OP imo.

Edit: Forgot to mention I am at rank 20 with my warrior deck, got to rank 19 once. Also I have spent only 20 bucks so far and I enjoy the game. Earned about 800 gold so with a total of 23 packs I will see what I can come up with.
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Basically what people are trying to tell you breakerton. Paladins are one of the worst hero class's in the game atm.
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Then I must be doing something wrong with my Warrior deck.

I can beat every class, but a paladin crushes me every time. The paladin will have 30 health and I am dead before I even get 7 mana. Sometimes I will win a match against a paladin rarely and the ones I do win are a close call.

Edit: Ok so I may be exaggerating about the 7 mana, but the paladin has 30 health.
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Paladin OP? looool, this thread can't be serious. Also, if you lose before turn 7 it's definitely a Shockadin, which there aren't that many of. And Shockadin don't have much to do with the Paladin class as a whole, it's brainless rushing like all rush decks. So what you really want to nerf is the concept of rushing in the game.

Anyway, do you think a good player can win vs every class, or else there is something OP about the class(es) he don't win VS. lol, if you're only struggling vs ONE class with your deck then you have a winrate way over 50% which means you hit Legend rank 1 in time, so what's the problem here? Frustration that you don't have 100% VS every single class? !@#$ing troll
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aggro pally is just super lame.
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I really, really, REALLY hope this is a joke..

I play paladin almost exclusively, and let me tell you it's far from OP, outside of arena, we are definitely one of the weakest classes with arguably the worst hero power as well
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Update: Played as a paladin and won 6 out 6 matches on Casual starting with 10 out of 20 Paladin Deck cards with no Legendary cards. I have only spent 20 bucks on this game and only earned 8 free packs so you know I am a newb and I owned and I did not have fun as this class. Just my opinion and I just wanted to let you all know what I experienced.

It was too easy and I got bored too fast, I don't respect paladins and I did not enjoy playing this class. I felt sick playing it. I will never go back.

We have to feel good about a class we play to have fun and enjoy this game.

I do not like to play as a class I feel like I am playing billiards with my hands instead of a cue.
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Do need a bit more info for a meaningful response. Were you playing a more aggressive warrior at first? Or one more focused on late game?

When you played the paladin deck, were you playing aggressive as well?

Paladin has a decent surprise burst deck, but it is....decent. I suspect you would have as difficult of a time as you would against any other aggro deck.
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I know, right? You just play a 3/3 on turn 3, and then a Blessing of Kings on turn 4, and you've got a 7/7 on the field on turn 4!

And that Blessing of Wisdom! One card every time a minion attacks? What if it has Windfury!?

God forbid, you might actually have to play something that kills the opponent's minion so it doesn't wreck you!
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I play rush pally and I have no shame when I say that.

Warlock aggro is much stronger if it gets the cards it needs.

Warlock hero power is just great for an aggro deck. Keeping that top deck coming almost every turn when all I have to refresh my hand is divine favor and against these warlock aggro decks who never have cards in hand it's pretty much a dead draw.

Admittedly I haven't really had any issues with warriors and I usually !@#$ on them but it would seem to me to just be a bad matchup. This is a card game; bad matchups are something that exist in card games, it's unfortunate but true.

Certain mage builds beat me from time to time, warlocks pretty much kick my %^- unless I get the perfect grip and have the perfect plays, hunters can sometimes give me a run for my money, and Taunt druids can shut me down hard with the right plays as well.

So I guess in short what i'm trying to say is that Pally is pretty middle of the road right now. Not the worst but not the best and certainly FAR from OP.

In my opinion no class is really OP on it's own accord but certain hero powers just work better with the current meta and the current card pool than others.


I play rush pally, I win some, I lose some, pally is right in the middle and not OP. Warlock is best hero for current meta / card pool build one and farm gold.
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I don't think I've beaten a Shockadin in 2 weeks—mainly the ones that run Argent Protector to keep the buffed creatures from dying while taking down taunt after taunt after taunt.

Between Equality, Consecration, and Truesilver to spot remove, Shockadin rush is way more effective than zoo. I'm sure zoo can beat Shockadin because of the card draw advantage by the lock, but Shockadins can remove the taunts of control classes much easier.

As a druid, I had 4 back to back taunts taken out turns 3-6 (coined out a taz'dingo on 3). You can't keep up with one drop at a turn that is easily picked off while a paladin can swarm you on their turns.
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I don't think Paladin is OP. Been playing Paladin Deck for a month, and my win ratio is either 50/50 or 40/60.
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Every paladin I play can play too many of their cards on their turn. The mana on the cards is too low, this is why I think this class is OP.

Every Paladin I play against plays the same card combinations and I am looking at the mana costs and I am just floored by them.

They need to be looked at and a few of them need one more mana cost applied to them.
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If Pally's are OP then someone needs to tell the Druids because they obviously didn't get the memo.

Zoolock on the other hand, muhahaha! But that's just karma.
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