Why Do People Like Shaman!

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i know ill get some people who say shaman is the best thing ever but, id like to know why! all they do is substitute everything with more worthless totems! they are a snooze to against and as! i have never won as a shaman and i cant see how people like shamans better than the other heros? why!
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06/15/2014 11:32 PMPosted by Zotro02
as! i have never won as a shaman

I can see why you don't like the Shaman.
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Shaman is a very fun class and very powerful, but when you start the game and level Shaman up to 10, you end up with a total of 4 class cards that go in almost every deck: Hex, Rockbiter, Flametongue Totem, and Fire Elemental. Bloodlust and Windfury sometimes get play as finishers, and they are basics as well, but they are not auto-includes.

Everything else shamans use is in the Expert Set, so has to be opened from packs or crafted. Expert commons are Earth Shock, Lightning Bolt, Unbound Elemental, and Stormforged Axe. Rare is Feral Spirit, Lightning Storm, Mana Tide Totem, and some run Lava Bursts. Even without the Lava Bursts, that's 14 cards you just don't start the class with that almost every shaman deck runs. And this isn't counting any epics or legendaries, although thankfully our class doesn't NEED our epics (Far Sight, Doomhammer, and Earth Elemental) to be effective.

Also, it requires intelligence to plan ahead multiple turns. Good shamans use overload to their advantage instead of being crippled by it. Also, you generally need to know everything your opponent is going to do so you can leave yourself outs with your mana and hand instead of being overloaded when you critically need something. This means knowing not just shaman, but all decks and classes so you know what they will likely play and when.

Or you can play it the YOLO way, doing whatever each turn you have mana to play stuff with and responding to turns one turn at a time - win some, lose some, never make Legend.
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Shaman is a great general purpose deck. We have answers to everything - hard removals, effective silences, taunts, weapons and burst.

We also have 3 of the best cards in the game - Hex, Fire Elemental and Rockbiter Weapon.

The downside is the overload, planning your turns ahead and not very good card draw.

Keep at it, and you'll find with some skill and experience you can kick a$$.

The only hard counter to shaman is secrets hunter. Most other decks you can beat or at worst have 50/50 (except MR)
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As a new player i really started playing shaman because of Trumps F2P shaman run, to Legendary. In which he exceeded, not surprising considering how skillful he plays.

So far had a lot of fun with playing Shaman and i get the feeling it's a great way to learn the game. After all if you want to be successful in a shaman deck you need to know a fair bit about other decks/classes. It's that drive to get better that makes a great introduction to the game for me.

Atm i'm still working on the skill and experience to kick a$$.
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06/15/2014 11:32 PMPosted by Zotro02
i know ill get some people who say shaman is the best thing ever but, id like to know why! all they do is substitute everything with more worthless totems! they are a snooze to against and as! i have never won as a shaman and i cant see how people like shamans better than the other heros? why!

For me, shamans have the most interesting mechanics by far. Overload, totems, windury, and rockbiter all interact in interesting ways. No other class feels as dynamic.
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I just like all the options shaman has, hard removal, silence, board clears, taunts, big creatures, nice weapons, direct damage it's all here. The only match-up I truly fear is Hunter, every other match-up feels winnable, even when I lose.

I wish we had more cards that interacted with the overload mechanic, but the game is still young, ill give em time.
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Shaman is a lotta fun. It's the class with the most answers, insane burst and at the same time it's based around board control. I can see why it may be frustrating though. Since shamans have so many answers if you have the imperfect one in your hand it can lead to unfavorable trades, but if you plan ahead with overload and totem up as often as possible it can be satisfying as hell to play.
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Shaman can have Control, Rush, Burst, and answers to almost everything in one deck.
Additionally, it has many unique mechanics that combo together amazingly such as wind fury, overload, and cards like bloodlust and rockbiter weapon.
Finally, it has the most versatile hero power in the game.
Just because you suck doesn't mean Shaman sucks.
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Totems are cool.

Also funny to beat people to death with totems.

In Soviet Russia, totems stomp you!
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Some things to like: you can successfully build a control-ish deck on a limited cardpool, in other classes budget control usually feels very suboptimal. You get specacular finishers, your opponent needs to play around them even if you don't have them.

I feel that most good shaman builds are a bit samey.. This is less about card variation (plenty of options there) but overall feel. Compare Aggro/Enrage/Control Warrior, which have totally different game plans.
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For Doomhammer!
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Because shamans is kind of a jack of all trade deck. It has removals, large minions, burst damage, taunts and aggression.
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