Playing Murlock - thoughts, suggestions.

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Hey guys.

I'll start off by saying: I've been playing a lot of Murlocs lately. I even tried to pull it off with the Paladin, though I quickly learned the value of Warlock draw power and how nothing else can really compete.

I originally tried something I called "Zooloc", which as you can probably guess was a mixture of Zoo and Murlock. Well, that took me from rank 10(ish) to rank 5 quickly enough (I often get stuck at R4/5). Some hands would be absurd, resulting in quick turn 4 kills.

This season I've tried the same deck and it doesn't seem to be working nearly as well as it did rank 10-5. Meta shift to deal with Zoolock? Probably. Just not as good oddly at the lower ranks? Possibly.

Anyhow, I decided to mix it up and adopt a more aggressive Murlock style build, cutting out a lot of the Zoo while leaving certain important bits.

I'm looking for improvements, particularly, in the later phases of the game. I would LOVE to find space for a Doomguard or two, but as Murlock either wins or loses before turn 6 (7 at the LATEST), I'm not sure he would be so great in this particular deck... a deck already running SFs, POs, and chargers.

Finally, here's my decklist with brief explanations for why I chose each particular card:

(Note: I have as of yet to pull/craft a Leeroy)

x2 Soulfire -- Quick removal of blocks/finisher.
x2 Power Overwhelming -- See Soulfire.
x2 Abusive Sergeant -- Nets much value.
x2 Flame Imp -- Truly the best 1 cost aggressive creature in the game.
x1 Grimscale Oracle -- Would love to run two, but can often be a dead card -- good to draw into later, not great without other 'locs.
x2 Leper Gnome -- Fast, efficient creature that will usually net at least 4 damage, often more with Void/Shield.
x2 Murloc Raider -- Plain vanilla 1 cost 2/1, but boosts and in turn is boosted by Murloc synergy.
x2 Murloc Tidecaller -- This creature reminds me of Goblin Piledriver in a way, and can be just as vicious.
x2 Shieldbearer -- Murlocs are fragile. A turn one Tidercaller, turn two coin into Shield+Tidehunter is nasty. Protect that kind of draw.
x2 Voidwalker -- Similar thoughts as Shield.
x2 Bluegill Warrior -- This little guy packs massive versatility into one neat little blue package. Quite vicious in tandem with Warleader.
x2 Knife Juggler -- Don't need to explain this.
x2 Murloc Tidehunter -- Combos so well with so much, and at least always a 3/2 that needs to be dealt with by two actions (barring AoE).
x2 Coldlight Seer -- Murlocs small, murlocs fragile. Make murloc strong and healthy! Aaaaaughibbrgubugbugrguburgle!
x2 Murloc Warleader -- Explaining this isn't necessary.
x1 Old Murk-eye -- Finisher, board control, all around nice guy.

Thoughts guys? Suggestions? This was crafted using something similar from Hearthpwn, and is, ofc, by no means original.

Edit: There are a couple of Legendaries that I would definitely like to try and fit in if I could... Leeroy and TBK. I own neither, however, so...
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Play a real deck.
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heres my murloc deck

you really need leeroy/arcane golem + PO to finish. most people know how to play vs murloc now a days so you need a surprise big finish.

I only run 1 soulfire because I always end up with 2 in my hand for some reason when I run 2....
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I like it, Having fun. Thank you!
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