Looking for tips against handlock

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Hey folks,
For all the griping people do about zoo and miracle, there's no deck that's harder to beat, I think, than handlock. So I'm calling for Nerf.
Wait, that's not what I'm doing, I'm asking for advice, yeah.
I typically play a tempo rogue, but I lack black knight.
I also like a mid range warrior, but I think that match up is just a lost cause
The deck I hold out the most hope for is a secrets hunter deck I just started fooling with.
Any advice?
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I've been trying to find a way to beat this deck with a warrior period, it just doesn't seem possible, the numbers just don't work.

If you do enough damage to get him on the ropes, he wipes your board with hellfire and then proceeds with his giants that you can't possibly kill because 2 executes =/= 6 minions with 8+ health.
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This is the deck I play, and the hardest match for me with it is mage burn. It's too much direct damage to deal with. If you can apply that philosophy to other decks it may work, but I think they lack the hard removal (poly) and 15+ direct damage.

In general I find Hunter a reasonable match-up, mid-range or aggro. I guess I would say it's important to use your removal wisely, and make sure to get as much value from Deadly Shot ect. as possible.

I don't play Rogue or Warrior, so I may not be much help assessing those decks. Rogue can't, I don't think, keep pace with Warlock across the game, so it's important to use bursts to finish them off when needed. Assassinate would be useful in this match, and silence is always very important. Avoid playing lots of smaller minions as they'll just be wiped away by Hellfire or Shadow Flame. I can see why Warlock Giants is a hard match for this deck.

For midrange Warrior, silence is very important. Most Handlock decks play many threats (4 giants + Alex, 2 Twilight Drakes, and sometimes something else like Rag or Sylvanas). This means you need to be very careful with your limited removal, so silencing the Drakes then using a weapon is pretty ideal. Make sure you're playing your large threats in smart ways: they'll always Siphon Soul some big/scary stuff, so try and keep key threats back. Don't over commit, as double Hellfire is a legit play. Try to keep some burst damage for them, and going for a kill when their around 12 - 15 is best. Use Execute to push damage through past big taunts.

Sorry if nothing I said was any help, but this is the best I've got. I play Giants because I love the deck and it's solid, and other than Mage, I don't find it weak to anything. Good luck, and I really hope you can beat it with the decks you like.
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06/14/2014 01:22 AMPosted by JohnKelly
Concede the moment you realize you are facing a Handlock. This will put the Handlock several ranks above you while you can advance to a game where you have a chance of winning. It will also call Blizzard's attention of the dominance of the class and, if necessary, make them more likely to implement balance changes.

The only downside is you forfeit a game you could not win anyway.
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As a handlock player myself, I can say tempo rouge is usually an easy match up.

06/13/2014 09:17 PMPosted by Died
f you do enough damage to get him on the ropes, he wipes your board with hellfire and then proceeds with his giants that you can't possibly kill because 2 executes =/= 6 minions with 8+ health.

Use brawl, that hurts a lot.

usually a warrior game is about 50/50 unless you can transition into Jaraxxus then the infernals help win.

As said before, the hardest match up is mage, I find freeze mage to be the hardest of them all.
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Yuck. I hate the rock-paper-scissors effect of Blizzard games. Really do.
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