Any new viable Paladin decks? (not Shockadin)

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Gave up on Paladin control and joined everyone else in adopting Shockadin so I could, you know, actually win some games. Since then took a break from Hearthstone.

Back now but bored of pew pew pew to the face all the god damn time, are there any new Paladin decks capable of reaching legend or are we still stuck with poor man's zoo?
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Why dont you look at the cards you have and see if you can get something fun and good working?

Im currently testing an anti control deck with my Hero power as win condition. Thusfar havent lost yet against controldecks. Its kinda bad against rush, so have to see if can improve that a bit.
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I used to be the biggest anti-decker out there, but Hearthstone is just not balanced enough and has just too small a card base, it's just not worth it. Doesn't matter how much thought you put into a deck, if it doesn't have UTH+Buzzard, Force of Nature+Savage Roar, Leeroy+Shadowstep blah blah blah then it's inferior.

The game is about abusing card draw/burst/OTK mechanics, that's it. In aggro Paladin it's divine favour, in Warlock it's life tap, that's why warlock's win rate >>> other classes, it's abuse is a hero power. These cards would not see the light of day in most established card games lol.

Don't be surprised that you're not losing to control, control has no place in this game, it's dead.

I'm just wondering if anyone has found another way to abuse Paladin other than Shockadin?
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I have a midrange Paladin that I've gotten to 4 so far this season with the few hours I can play each night. I won't tell you the decklist though since apparently it's wrong and evil to copy other people's decks. Everyone has to live by your made up rules, right? Otherwise it's abuse?
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I had great success with the mid range paladin deck that blizzpro posted here:

I went 6/2 in one session. The two losses were to zoo and a druid where I was winning the whole game and he was able to burst me out of nowhere with savage roar and a panther druid of the claw. I recently pulled a Captain Greenskin so I have been messing around with Reynad's midrange to more mixed results. The Capt is a blast to play with any of paladins weapons though.
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