Need help in Handlock matchups!

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Hello, I've been having quite some trouble against Miracle Rogue, Warrior Control and Huntard, and here is why:

1) Miracle: Molten Giants are useless, and if I throw a Stone Giant @ turn 4, they use Coldlight Oracle + Sap and instantly destroy it. Even if they only Sap it starts to get rough for me

2) Huntard: Needless to say, my life goes down so easily if I lifetap, and by the time I can throw down Molten Giants, they can already kill me with Commands/Arcane Shots/Hero Power

If I could only get some help in both these matchups I'd be very appreciated! thanks in advance
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Miracle Rogue I'd argue is favored towards them unless you get a good hand. What's your decklist like? I run a deck without Jaraxxus and Alex in favor of double Tazdingo's and they seem to be somewhat helpful just because of the taunts. (3 attack would take out Farseer and SI7 if they don't have an answer to it.)

Hunters are very favored towards Hunters. Generally, you want to try and mulligan for your Moltens/Watchers/Owls. You need to put pressure on the board if you want to win. It's a tough matchup but it's winnable.... just not that often.
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Do you run Twilights together with Sen'jins? o.o

Either way, I'm running Giants, Leeroy, Manipulator, 2 Power Overwhelming, 1 Hellfire, 2 Shadowflames, Thalnos...that's pretty much the essence, I might remove the Thalnos because I don't think he is being useful...Blood Knight would be more, for example
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