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so i just got this card in a pack and I'm wondering if it's any good for my deck
0/3, will be replaced by a random minion in my hand at the end of next turn
my deck atm is

2x innervate
1x mark of the wild
1x power of the wild
2x wild growth
2x wrath
2x loot hoarder
1x wild pyro
1x BGH
1x earthen ring farseer
2x harvest golem
2x swipe
2x chillwind yeti
2x keeper of the grove
2x azure drake
2x druid of the claw
2x argent commander
2x ancient of lore
1x ancient of war

is there any way i can profitably fit this card in my deck?
also, if you have any suggestions how i can improve my deck, please do, i only play this game for a week or so
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It's a good card for someone with a big minion strategy. In order to play it correctly it has to be protected, whether thats by playing it early or hiding behind a taunt. Also you want a minion big enough to make the play worth it. As soon as you play it will become a big target. I would try it out and play around with it. There's no harm in trying. Your Deck has greatly improved btw.
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Alarm-o-bot does not have good sinergy with your other cards.
Swapping with
- naked 5/5 ancient of war;
- ancient of lore without battlecry;
- 4/4 druid of the claw without battlecry/charge;
- azure drake without extra card;
- keeper of the grove without battlecry;
- farseer without heal;
- loot hoarder
is not ideal.
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does the bonus of the individual minions does not come into play when alarm-o-bot brings it in battle?

also, can anyone tell me why i keep on being destroyed by every single priest i play against?
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06/15/2014 04:13 AMPosted by grasu
does the bonus of the individual minions does not come into play when alarm-o-bot brings it in battle?

It does not. Alarm-o-Bot puts a minion into play exactly as is with no Battlecry (same as Mindgames). So you end up with 4/4 regular Druids of the Claw, 3/3 Faceless Manipulators, 5/5 Ancients of War, etc.

It's not really suitable for anything other than fun, gimmicky decks anyway. It will nearly always get killed immediately and even if it does activate could easily pull a small minion (or worse, one with a good Battlecry) instead of the heavy hitter you want. The time I managed to Alarm-o-Bot Ysera out and immediately double Faceless it was pretty sweet though.
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Alarm-o-Bot makes for cheesy decks by default, it simply sucks in normal decks. In the Druid's case, most of the Druid minions have very useful battlecries, making Alarm-o-Boting any of them a terrible idea. Therefore the only somewhat viable Alarm-o-Bot Druid deck is a Malygos cheese deck. Basically load up with a ton of spells, run 2 Alarm-o-Bots hoping they survive for a turn and bring Malygos in the following turn than unload all your spells with Malygos' +5 spell power for a quick kill. You can run a couple of Loot Hoarders too I guess as they have a deathrattle rather than a battlecry and they cycle themselves if they die, getting you closer to your finisher. With that said, this deck is extremely inconsistent and Druid is worst than Rogue for Malygos shenanigans so it's really not a recommended deck.
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I do have a feeling however that Alarm O Bot will become a whole lot more playable after CoN comes out. With all the Dangerous Deathrattles combos that could be possible.
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