First Mage Deck - Suggestions Needed

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So I decided to have a brain spasm and try to make a deck in Hearthstone after playing for like 2-3 days, I don't think that's the best idea but well you ain't gonna learn if you ain't gonna try right ?

So, I thought that if mages are very fragile at the early game then it's good to use taunt cards to keep the aggro on the cards instead of the mage itself, so this is the deck I've made, I'd like your suggestions on what I should change or if I just went total retard on the deck :)


(1) Mana - Arcane Missles x 2
(1) Mana - Mirror Image x 2
(2) Mana - Frostbolt x 2
(2) Mana - Frostwolf Grunt x 2
(3) Mana - Frost Nova x 1
(3) Mana - Ironforge Rifleman x 2
(3) Mana - Ironfur Grizzly x 1
(3) Mana - Magma Rager x 2
(3) Mana - Raid Leader x 2
(4) Mana - Fireball x 2
(4) Mana - Polymorph x 2
(4) Mana - Sen'jin Shieldmasta x 2
(5) Mana - Booty Bay Bodyguard x 2
(5) Mana - Frostwolf Warlord x 1
(6) Mana - Archmage x 1
(6) Mana - Lord of the Arena x 2
(7) Mana - Flamestrike x 2
(7) Mana - Core Hound x 1

Thank you for:

-Being a d*ck.
-Being nice.
-Helping me out.

Everything is appreciated :D
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06/14/2014 09:32 AMPosted by Razor
So, I thought that if mages are very fragile at the early game then it's good to use taunt cards to keep the aggro on the cards instead of the mage itself

This is a sophism, and a mistake.

Why is it a sophism?: Taunts have worse stats than normal minions. Therefore when you play a taunt, you actualy enable bad trade in the enemy's favor. let's take the frostwolf grunt: with 2/2, the ennemy can kill it with a 2/1 dropped turn 1 ( leper gnome), OR they can kill it with 2/3 2 mana minion such as an amani berserker, without losing the creature.
So even if you survive more than few turns, your opponent will gain such an advantage you won't recover from it.

Why is it a mistake? Simply because, unlike popular belief, mage's early game isn't bad. they have the strongest 1 drop in the game (maybe tied with the flame imp): the mana wrym. And with mirror image/ arcane missile, they can gain a good advantage early, and protect the wrym from ennemy minions.

The real mage weakness is tempo. It's kinda hard to explain, but it can be hard for them to get back from a losing position. (except the doomsayer/frostnova combo, flamestrike is too expensive, the other aoe aren't powerful enough).

(2) Mana - Frostwolf Grunt x
(3) Mana - Ironforge Rifleman x 2
(3) Mana - Magma Rager x 2
(7) Mana - Core Hound x 1

these are terrible cards I wouldn't even use in arena.

magma rage dies to anything and is a waste of both a card and 3 mana

Core hound gets killed by a lot of cheaper cards, which will result in tempo loss
ironforge rifleman is a terrible minion, and 1 damage isn't enough to make up for it. (besides: you're a mage, you don't need a 3 mana deal 1 damage when you have a 2 mana hero power that do the same.).
Frostwolf grunt is as bad.
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The following cards should be replaced:

frost wolf grunt
inronforge rifleman
magma rager
raid leader
core hound
frost nova

im not a huge fan of mirror images either but a case can be made for it

lord of the arena and booty bay are mediocre as well and I would replace them with boulder fist ogres

also you have no yeti's or water elemental both of which are very good 4 mana minions

for the three drops I recommend scarlet crusaders and harvest golems

if you don't have those pick up an arcane intellect or two for card draw, a shattered sun cleric and maybe a razor fen hunter if you have to

you should also put in some 2 mana 3-2's such as a bloodfen raptor, acidic swamp ooze, or farie dragon
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Alright so I changed my deck what do you think of it now ?

(1) Mana - Arcane Missles x 2
(2) Mana - Frost Bolt x 2
(2) Mana - Acidic Swamp Ooze x 2
(3) Mana - Arcane Intellect x 2
(3) Mana - Ironfur Grizzly x 2
(3) Mana - Scarlet Crusader x 1
(3) Mana - Shattered Sun Cleric x 2
(4) Mana - Fireball x 2
(4) Mana - Polymorph x 2
(4) Mana - Chillwind Yeti x 2
(4) Mana - Sen'jin Shieldmasta x 2
(4) Mana - Water Elemental x 2
(5) Mana - Frostwolf Warlord x 2
(6) Mana - Archmage x 1
(6) Mana - Boulderfist Ogre x 2
(7) Mana - Stormwind Champion x 2

Thank you for feedback.
Edited by Razor on 6/18/2014 12:02 PM PDT
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drop ironfur
drop Sen'jin Shieldmasta
drop Stormwind Champion
as for acidic swamp ooze, i think 1 is enough, it's for defensive use vs players who have weapons like warrior, having two in deck feels too much

and assuming you only have basic cards
some must have cards
flamestrike - clear the whole board
gurubashi commander - awesome combo with your hero spell

some cards that are nice to have in deck
mirror image - 1 mana taunt very cheap and nice
kobold geomancer - 2 mana with +1 spell damage this helps you maintain board control with spells, some combos like kobold+frost = 4 mana for 4 dmg
ogre magi - 4 mana + 1 spell dmg with 4/4 not bad stats with extra spelll dmg
stormpike commander - 2 dmg immediately when placed, this helps with board control, of course they'll die easily with 2 hp, so play with caution, some dont like it, i like it

and think about card draws as's another important aspect

try to have an aim with your deck...
what are you goinng for?
early rush? mid game win? late game win?
if you play early rush, obviously you need tons of low mana aggro creatures
if you play mid game, you need some good 3-5 mana creatures, ones that dominate that area
if you play for end game win, probably get some legendaries or pyroblasts

try to build a deck with some sort of combos
those +1 spell dmg creatures build around your spells, so that's a combo right?
stormpike commander removes 2 hp so work around with your spells for removals, that's another combo right?
so what happens after you removed the whole board? go for the kill right? what creatures can help you hell in the end? creatures with high attack and charge help you go for the kill once the board is cleared
so what happens if enemy full of creatures on board, flame strike right?
gurubashi commander and your hero's 1hp ping a great combo right?
think of some crazy combos to help your game
have a fixed strategy first then think of those killing combos
make your cards work together...
knife juggler+mirror image is a combo...but knife juggler isn't a basic card, you'll have to craft it...
some other cards have nice combos as well, like killing enemy, dmg'ing enemies get bonus stats etc. of course they ain't free, but it's something to think about when working with your deck

luck+skill go hand in hand, deck building is part of skill
drawing cards is part of luck, playing the cards is skills

lol, i only played hearthstone 3-4 days myself, but played other card games before
anyway, let's try to plan ahead, and aim for the sky
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oh there are a lot better combo cards....but they aren't basic
so work with the basic ones until you get your hands on better cards
im working to get the better ones like mana wyrm and socerer's apprentice etc.
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From the "Expert Set" I've got :

-Mana Wyrm
-Kirin Tor Mage
-Cone of Cold
-Ethereal Arcanist
Edited by Razor on 6/18/2014 3:56 PM PDT
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hm...kirin+ethereal are both good for secrets, if you get more of those and get more secret cards, perhaps work a deck with secrets in play, great combos

as for mana wyrm, they are a must have for any mage decks...stick 1 or 2 if you got 2 stick them in right away, usually opponents will try to kill it immediately but if its played on turn 1 with 3 hp, it's very hard to kill immediately

with mana wyrm+socerer's apprentice, you can even consider building aggro rush decks

as for cone of cold, not sure how to mix it in with the deck, i guess you need to combo that with icelance
or use it to stall time, to draw cards or wait for certain mana to use a card...etc.

so the main idea is have your deck work together, make everything a killer combo...together a couple cards can do a whole lot is the idea
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