Critique my Miracle Druid?

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Hi, I been playing for a while now, but still don't have a lot cards. This is a miracle druid deck I whipped up can someone give me some advice on how to improve it?;131:2;178:2;280:2;282:2;329:2;459:2;464:2;523:1;532:2;548:2;587:2;605:1;619:2;620:2;633:2;

Innervate x 2
Moonfire x 2
Claw x 2
Wild Growth x 2
Wraith x 2
Acidic Swam Ooze x 2
Savage Roar x 2
Imp Master x 2
Swipe x 2
Keeper of the Groove x 2
Violet Teacher x 1
Starfall x 2
Azure Drake x 2
Druid of the Claw x 2
Gadgetzan Auctioneer x 2
Cenarious x 1

The idea of this deck is use gadgetzan and cheap/free spells to draw, combine with violet teacher to get massive board and use savage roar for the kill.
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remove cenarius and add leeroy instead.
you dont need cenarius for this kind of deck, too slow.
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I don't have leeroy yet, although as a druid I can't really bounce leeroy like rogues, I am more incline on getting a lot of minions on the field then savage roar.
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You should run savagery to gain extra use out of your claw, and it's cheap enough to work well with Auctioneer.

Imp master and violet teacher are meh cards; 2 ooze seems a bit much.

Cenarius is a wasted slot, leeroy is also a poor choice. You need a true "win" card; you won't have the burst with leeroy like a rogue will.

Why are there 2 wraiths in your deck?

And LOL at keeper of the groove. Dance master fleeeexxxx
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