Sylvanas or Ysera for paladin control

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It's crafting time again! It's between 1) Ysera 2) Sylvanas 3) Harrison Jones 4) VanCleef in that order. I'm leaning towards Ysera because it's one of the cards that I always wanted but always had other crafting priorities. Otherwise I would probably go with Sylvanas for a more solid legendary but I already have a variety of 6 drop options. I also play Rogue so VanCleef is on the list but he's very optional in most rogue decks.

Legendaries I have:

Leeroy Jenkins
The Black Knight
Captain Greenskin
Bloodmage Thalnos
Tirion Fordring
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I am actually just seriously considering taking Sylvanas out of my paladin deck since it seems that most of the time she just doesn't do much anything and just gets removed, although I suppose she is decent silence bait before you play Tirion.
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Niether. Deathwing.
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Only need black knight in controlpaladin, dont need wincondition cards, your heropower is the wincondition.
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I have both in my control deck, and I can't count the number of times she's turned the game for me. Her board presence, especially if you've been able to draw out your opponent's hard removal before she drops, is insane.

I mostly just end up using Sylvanas (like Cairne) to draw out silences or transforms before Tirion or Ysera hit. Which is fine, she's doing her job, but she's never been a game changer like Ysera.
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I went ahead and crafted Ysera. I'm going to try her in my healadin build that I've been testing out. The six drop section is just too crowded with Avenging wrath, Cairne, Argent Commander, Sunwalker etc as options to throw in Sylvanas as well.
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Honestly I have a really hard time implementing Ysera in my deck- a 9 drop leaves no options to play other cards for my Paladin deck, sadly. Most of the time she just keeps sitting dead in my hand. When you CAN play her, she is awesome, as long as she isn't a laughing sister factory.
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Ysera for sure. I currently have both in my deck.
Sylvanas is currently subbing for Carine since I don't have him :/
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Sylvanas is real good, fantastic for a lot of decks...but I don't particularly like her for Paladin personally, and since I also say Ysera is the best legendary in the game right now, I'm going to echo everyone else and say Ysera.
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