After Playing with the Pitlord, my suggestion

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His battle cry should be changed from 5 self damage to 3. This would also be consistent with the Flame Imps cost of 3 health for +1/+1, while not making him an incredibly OP card
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Normally I'd say that's too much, as he'd be so powerful in Zoo.

... But, in the current metagame, Pit Lord is just too bad against combo decks to play. I could see 3-4 HP being more reasonable. Not sure if it'd change much though.
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Yeah, 5 damage is just too much and is really out of line with the Flame Imp. +1/+1 matters a LOT more on a 1 drop minion than a 4 drop. Plus, it's a class minion, which means it should be a 5/5 or a 4/6 to begin with, or have a beneficial effect.

There are plenty of other 4 mana minions to compare it to in order to see it's just way overcost for what it does, such as the Water Elemental (9 stats+freeze), Auchenai SoulPriest (8 stats+ a huge ability), and Arathi Weaponsmith (6 stats, but equip a 2/2 weapon too).

Really, most of our demons aren't bad per se, they just cost too much for what they do.
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06/19/2014 02:38 PMPosted by Zoid
Plus, it's a class minion, which means it should be a 5/5 or a 4/6 to begin with, or have a beneficial effect.

The benefit is Tempo. Same reason why no one complains that Flame Imp isn't a 4/2 or 3/3, even when that would only be "+2 stat points" compared to a Voidwalker (which also has Taunt!).

Anyway, I've been saying it should be 3-4 self damage at most since Beta. If they didn't change it then, I don't see them changing it now. On the plus side, they seem to have delivered on helping older cards become more useful with new ones, with the upcoming Voidcaller giving Pit Lord and even Felguard some additional usefulness.
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