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08/21/2014 07:02 PMPosted by Maracuja
Well the whole text actually proves that mages are stronger then all other classes and the mage kit is good in "almost" every situation.
Bla bla bla.. Yeah we can burst your whole field any times but "add some stuff that happens to every class"...

No the text demonstrates that Mages a fundamentally different play style as compared to other classes. This is due mostly to a highly Control based tool set. A tool set that complements our minions and is supported by a Burn component.

The examples given are situations given to explain how a Mage can or might react. This is done to better explain how a Control deck will respond differently from a Aggro deck. And, yes control is good in almost any situation. So yeah sorry my diverse, adaptive, streamlined, strategic, multiple win condition deck, designed to combat every situation works.

Control is always the best deck on paper. However Herthstones design of having resources as a static certainty favors Aggro who have a more flexable mana curve. This advantage is compounded as a common control strategy, namely resource ramp, is confined to one class.

08/21/2014 07:02 PMPosted by Maracuja
That must be a combination only mages can do

Don’t be rediculous, combinations require multiple cards, we do it with one usually a secret. I guess you might argue I just hurt my argument but not really. Secrets only activate on our opponents turn. Which means we don’t really have absolute control of the result.

08/21/2014 07:02 PMPosted by Maracuja
Thats the problem. They do BY FAR a better job of dealing with minions.

If you think that’s why we’re playing our burn and removal you’re missing the big picture. As I said we don’t have control of how our secrets work exactly. We’re playing our removal to wear down your options. We’re counting cards and and anticipating how you’ll respond. It’s strategy and only bad control players rely purely on luck. In a vacuum it’s true secrets are easy to play around but how often do you have the plays needed to pay around them. Not to mention in a vacuum you don’t have a player removing your ability to play around them.

08/21/2014 07:02 PMPosted by Maracuja
Thats not true

Really that’s strange considering that all decks fall into three [four] categories: Aggro, Burn, Control [Bad].

Druid (Late-game) – Control
Hunter (UtH) – Aggro
Hunter (Midrange) – Aggro/Control
Mage (Freeze) – Burn/Control
Rogue (Miracle) – Control
Warlock (Zoo) – Aggro
Warlock (Hand) – Aggro
Warrior (Late-game) – Control

I’m pretty sure thats a relatively good account of constructed. So you’re only building to combat Late-game Druid and Warrior, Freeze, and Miracle, well that would explain a lot more of your problems than mages being OP. Or do you need me to better explain on how our paths differ.

So no I’m not going to apologise for ripping apart one dimensional, single win condition decks that turn on an easily deconstruct-able fulcrum. Aggro already has the resource advantage, I see no reason to give them another one because you don’t like how we don’t "play fair" or more accurately play stupid.
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my sides ... oh my my sides. So much pain from laughter... please write more posts.
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