I don't understeand the warlock

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I feel that a lot of the stuff that class can do involves dealing damage to yourself and I have done a few games with it but I can' seem to find out how to make it work.
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The basic concept is to trade mana cost for negative effects (discard or self-damage or minion destruction being among the more prominent ones). Lower mana costs mean you can gain a "Tempo Advantage" against your opponent. You can put something out that they might not have the mana to deal with, even if they actually have the cards in hand at the time. Alternatively, it can mean simply getting a more powerful effect for your spells. For example, Hellfire does much more damage than most AoE of it's cost, but the draw back is damaging yourself and your minion(s) if you have one. Shadowflame likewise can get particularly powerful results, but only be also sacrificing something that is powerful itself.

Some of these negative effects can be mitigated, or made to use for your own benefit. The health loss from Life Tap or a Flame Imp for example can help you trigger the lower cost of Molten Giant (a large minion that has reduced life based on how much health your Hero has). Alternatively you could use a minion like Earthen Ring Farseer or a spell like Soul Siphon in order to heal that damage later.

Of course, the final alternative is to simply avoid those cards which have harmful effects, and focus on those that are purely positive, like Mortal Coil, Shadowbolt, Void Walker, etc.

I hope this helps you understand, if you have further questions, feel free to ask, I or some others I'm sure will try to answer them as best they can.
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Actually yes I think this does help and I assume once I get it to a higher level the cards I get will make it more beneficial. I have Molten Giant so that should come in handy. It has won games for me(with a different class) because I summoned it for free and then buffed it with other cards. It seems like this class has a bigger learning curve.
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what helped me was to look at HP as a resource just like mana and cards rather then health....
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06/19/2014 04:04 AMPosted by biggameover
what helped me was to look at HP as a resource just like mana and cards rather then health....
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