OTK Alexstraza?

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I was just Alexstraza'd and, on the next turn, was taken 15-0 by a Thalnos'd fireball, frostshock and ice lance.

How the !@#$, as a Shaman with limited healing, do I deal with this? The only thing I can think of is rushing face (which my decks aren't really designed to do) and take out the mage before they hit requisite mana levels. With is made very difficult with all the freezes, though I always save my earth shocks for the Doomsayers. And that strategy doesn't really apply to all mage deck matchups, and I'm not quite good enough to pick out subtle deck differences from what the opponent shows.
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It was not an OTK. *Unless u used Millhouse Manastorm @turn9*

The plan for Shaman would be to kill Mage before turn 10 (this includes procing Ice Block before turn9). U might tweak your deck to be more aggressive or just pray the RNG gods to avoid this matchup.
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First of all, that's not a OTK.

Put enough board pressure so the mage has to use his spells on your minions instead of your face.
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06/21/2014 11:42 PMPosted by Budleigh
The only thing I can think of is rushing face

06/22/2014 01:06 AMPosted by alife
U might tweak your deck to be more aggressive

06/26/2014 01:40 AMPosted by NightKnight
Put enough board pressure

Yeah, you don't have any tools to deal with Freeze Mage as a Shaman aside from just trying to overwhelm the Mage's stall strategy.

Think up some direct damage along the lines of Doomhammer + Rockbiter and such.
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Don't worry, it's not your fault. Blizzard will nerf it. In 2015.
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Shaman complaining just wow lol, ok get 1 windfury card if your facing a lot of mages just get 2.

Then throw fire elemental, next turn mage freezes it, double flametongue, earthshock it,double rockbitter, winfury and bam 32 damage to the face.

Of I know it takes many cards but you dont need all of that, if you simply have a doomhammer in your deck and draw it thats already 16 damage you can do to him. I dont know but i really have a cake walk against mages on my shaman deck.
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Save earth shock for when your big drops get frozen and you hold one or more buff cards. Let doomsayer wipe if you have to; it may suck if a doom freeze combo takes out two of your minions but he is actually only breaking even.
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