Having troubles against priests using Pyros

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Hi there fellow warlocks. I have spent the last few days climbing from rank 20 to rank 9 using Zoolock and I am having great success with the deck, only losing 4 times in the process of climbing. My 4 losses were to 1 aggro warrior and 3 priests using Amaz's deck list.

The aggro warrior surprised me a bit: he started with the usual Leper Gnome, proceeded with Fiery War Axe and then he started sending minions I had never seen before in an aggro warrior deck: Harvest Golem, Argent Commander, Spiteful Smith, Armorsmith while still running the usual Arcanite Reaper, Heroic Strike, Inner Rage, Kor'kron Elite,etc. I lost because I wasn't expecting such a deck and he had an answer to everything I did so I am ok with it.

The priests defeats were all related to 2 minions: either the Pyro or the Auchenai Soulpriest. They always start with the Northshire Cleric, which I deal with just fine, but on turn 3 they bring their Pyro+Coin+Power Word:Shield+Smite combo and this completely wreaks me. If I manage to gain board control again the Auchenai+Circle combo ends the match.

So, I would like to hear some advice on how to play around these minions. Any tip will certainly be welcome.
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Amaz's priest deck was built to destroy Zoo. Best advice is to stagger your board filling when he hits 4 mana, especially if he didn't play any creature. The pyro situation is rarer and pretty much a gg.

The moment a priest gets board control against Zoo, you're going to lose unless you get unbelievably good Doomguard and Soulfire draws.
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I hope your next 20 opponents are priests with pyro's you zoo faceroller.
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Zoo is disliked because people perceive it as unfair when they lose. And to be honest it is.
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as someone who main priest at rank 10 my advice to you is, run Amani beserker.
that will shut the wild pyro and holy nova. leaving them less options of early game aoe.
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