stuck on rank 14

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currently playing shaman

I win a few games then come against really frustrating setups like stall/alex/pyroblast or even a giant mage (is that a thing?) that just seem to stall, control and wipe everything I try.

once example im getting favourable trades the entire round, the mage using loads of removal and stall tactics against me.

Im almost at full hp we are at the late game, I BRING LIFE BLAGHAAGAHH

so Im at 15 hp I use the hex I have been sitting on and kill it, next turn

pyroblast now at 5 hp in 2 turns!

plays secrets, freezes my board, pings me to 4

I play more minions

next turn freezes my board pings me to 3 I have to pass

next turn freezes my board again, ping me to 2hp I have to pass again.

next turn I hit him and skillblock he has been sitting on now active

pings me to 1 plays his second iceblock :/

everytime I advance a little I run into some dumb frustrating setup like this and I can't seem to get any further because of it, any suggestions ?
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um...i currently at rank 14 too, i mostly see aggro rush, aggro rush and aggro rush some more

very rare to see freeze mage, although did match up with one today
occasionally saw paladin going ape!@#$ with his weapon bluffs +1/+1 on his minions
lots of aggro decks
including druid, hunter, mage, warlock, paladin

only saw control occasionally for priest, mage, warrior, and druid....
what i saw the most was priest+zoolock/murlock zoo
currently playing aggro mage, it seems my worse match up is druid and 2nd worse = priest
although i think vs shaman is the worse, lost the last 4 games vs shaman, they have counters for everything i play when i go aggro...

and since freeze mage won the dream hack tournament, i am guessing it will be a popular deck very very soon...although i haven't seen it much

tbh, i think the only way with f2p going to rank up higher is with rush/midrange decks, if you play late game control, you will be dominated by legendaries...
and i think if i have lots of legendaries, i might play druid, i love their abilities, too bad their decks are usually fixated around late game big legendary monsters, too costly for me to play efficiently
and imho, the cheapest decks to rank up are hunter, warlock, mage
hunter+warlock for aggro/rush, mage+hunter for rush/aggro or maybe midrange...
and maybe even shaman but with the overload+bluff cards, it seems more skills is necessary for that class

currently i dunno how to counter druids with my rush/aggro mage deck, they have lots of mana early on + they have lots of minion removal cards + card draws + crazy late game guys
druid is the most painful match up for me imho
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Can you link us your deck so that we can see how to work around it?

Freeze mage are tough to beat at any level. You have to be prepared with charge minions, lightning bolt, etc. You also have to be prepared for Alex, because you know that it will come eventually and the combo will ultimately follow that.
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@Cavewight I was using

@PimpEmUp what region and times do you play? I just seem to come up against the some random things EU afternoon/weekend.

I get a few really easy games (talking so easy I end on 30 hp) then I get beat down 3 in a row!
I also run into (what I consider) odd things, I had one mage playing giants against me and another playing stealth miinions, even run into a paladin playing a full legendary deck!

the skill of players and decks they use at this rank does not feel consistent.
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Posts: 61 not sure what about the skills of the players, they all seem to have well built decks
and my games are usually 1 sided, either i dominate or be dominated by other bad matchups
i guess it's a deck thing for me, not sure the deal for you

but i assure you, the deck you have, you'll have some bad matchups vs other decks, and awesome matchups vs others
and as for your deck vs my aggro mage deck, i'll get murdered by yours

i play NA server mainly, although i do play on Europe whenever there's a maintience
eastern time here, and i play a lot since i have a lot of free time

only played this game for a week
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I think persistence, I tried again got to rank 12! but ran into a paladin I assumed was aggro so guess I swapped the wrong cards.

honestly felt like some kind of godlike player, just happen to literally have something in hand to counter every move I made, probably totally cleared my board 3 maybe 4 times! we both eventually ran out of cards, he won because he healed himself something like 7 times during the game then played 2 sunwalkers when I had nothing left :(

I think he was being rude (but I can't tell if people do genuine well played or if they are being d*cks) the match took so long it gave me headache, is this how everyone plays at rank 12? honestly can't see myself getting any further if it is.

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Here's a deck I've been using in Ranked recently, I went from 13 to 10 with only 3 losses.

I guess the trick is to keep up with aggro deck tempo and clear out their minions when it seems reasonable (when you can play minion + remove opponent minion in same turn). If you mulligan Shieldbearer, you can expect to see it buying you at least 2 Turns vs aggro, same could be said about Squires.
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Freeze mage is always going to be hard for shaman.

Best advice is to get Doomhammer out and start swinging.

If you get really upset, try playing hunter or priest and outrace them or heal away from them.
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Amjii, you should try my Hand Sham deck designs. They rock against mages
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