Advice on improving my druid deck

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Been trying out druid for a bit. this is the deck i am running

Innvervate 2
Claw 2
Mark of the Wild 2
Power of the Wild 1
Wild Growth 2
Acidic Swamp Ooze 2
Novice Engineer 2
Savage Roar 1
Razerfen Hunter 2
Shattered Sun Cleric 2
Swipe 2
Chillwind Yeti 2
Gnomish Inventor 1
Senjin Shieldmaster 2
Starfire 2
Argent Commander 1
Ironbark Prot. 1
Ragnaros 1

I've not been able to go past 16-17 on ladder. Looking at some advice on how I can improve this deck.

I also have harrison jones and sylvannas as viable legendary options, and some dust to craft a few rares and epics.

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Always run 1 claw if any. Same with ooze.

You're missing ancients of lore, you should run 2.

If you have 1 savage would recommend 1 fon for combo.

Star fire is a really slow card and if your going up against a lot of aggro it will be very bad.

Ancient of War is much better than ironbark.

Harvest golems for the razorfens

Keepers for the sheildmastas

Wild growths won't do too much for your deck, would add in some early drops like loot hoarder instead.
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I would personally recommend nixing Power of the Wild, it's basically a less cost effective Mark of the Wild.

If you have the dust, I would definitely recommend crafting at least one Druid of the Claw, preferably 2 because they're very strong cards. In particular, from 16 to about 13 you run into a lot of high aggro or rushdown decks, and if you can make it to turn 5 (or turn 3 with an Innervate), a Bear Form Druid of the Claw is a giant stop sign for them.
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no offense, but i recommend that you delete this whole deck and look for some decent ramp online, most of cards are pretty bad here. You also dont seem to be in touch with meta - for example, there are very few popular builds using weapons atm, so ooze doesnt seem useful (unless you are anticipating a rise of shockadins, but i still wouldnt run ooze vs them).

e: same goes for harrison jones, but i would actually consider sylvanas, she's great with mark of the wild, im running her in my ramp.

e2: obv miracle is running weapons, but you wont get to destroy them often, as they usually poison/attack/fury in the same turn. Assasin's blade isnt all that popular.
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I agree with some of the early replies, you are missing a few druid cards that are well worth it in any deck:

- druid of the claw x2 - the 4/4 charge is useful more often than you'd think, the 4/6 taunt often trades quite well... but occasionally your opponent will be running black knight and basically win the game if you play it in that mode.

- ancient of lore x2 - board presence + card draw or healing, exceptional card

- wrath x2 - 3 damage or 1 and a card is so useful, especialy with any spell power.

I'd probably remove the gnomish inventor and the 2x novice apprentice in favor of more valuable cards.

The ooze actually isn't as bad as they are saying, if your opponent is a warr or paladin, it can be amazing, and the effect can also be useful vs a rogue - that deadly poison is surprisingly important for their early game control.
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Thanks for all the advice.

I did decide to dump the deck, and start from scratch. went about crafting a few cards.

This is what i have come up with :

Is this fine, or would i still need some tweaking?
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The new one looks better but you're still missing one ancient of lore. Also,

-Why are you running spell breaker? Druid already has keepers.
-I assume you put in cobalts as substitutes for Thalnos, but one should be enough.
-Shattered sun cleric has no place in druid, even in token druid which has more early minions.
-Claw is fine but it serves more of a function in token since it can be used with teachers to summons tokens.

Over all it looks like a mid range deck but with too many early stuff and some scattered cards from multiple druid genres(e.g. Mark of the wild and power of the wild are rarely seen together). I'm totally cool with homebrew decks but just looking up some established deck designs doesn't automatically make u a netdecker. Just look up ramp vs token vs watcher and make tweaks as you like, but picking one style is important since having bits and pieces of each makes the deck a jack of all trades and a master of none.
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