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Hello fellow druid players,

I just wanted to share pretty fun deck that I made and see what you guys think. It's a bit of a mix between a token and spell power deck. I'm only around rank 12-10 so I'm not sure how competitive it is, but it is definitely really fun to play in casuals.

x2 Innervate
x2 Moonfire
x1 Naturalize
x1 Mark of the Wild
x2 Power of the Wild
x2 Wraith
x1 Bloodmage Thalanos
x1 Savage Roar
x2 Harvest Golem
x1 Soul of the Forest
x2 Swipe
x1 Keeper of the Grove
x2 Violet Teacher
x2 Azure Drake
x2 Druid of the Claw
x1 Force of Nature
x1 Illidain Stormrage
x2 Ancient of Lore
x1 Malygos
x1 Onyxia

Playing this deck is kind of like playing a mid-range druid, but instead of relying on SR/FoN, you try to get a a few big token plays. If you can get a bunch of tokens out with Soul of the Forest, then you can take complete control over the board and it's usually a win. Between teachers, Illidain, and Onyxia it is easy to exhaust your opponent's AoE and most of the time I don't need savage roar to close the game (Although it definitely helps!).

I originally only put moonfires in for the obvious Maly combo, but I've found that they actually aren't that bad to use without him. They can easily be used with teachers/Illidain to get an extra token while doing that last 1 damage to kill a minion, and they are nice to use against rush decks when you can play a +1 spell power minion. Even if you use the moonfires early, Maly is still a 4/12 minion that needs to be dealt with; as no one wants you to get a swipe off next turn.

Honestly, it might be best to switch Onxiya with Cenarius, since he is more flexible. But I just love when you can playing her for the win after your opponent has used all of their AoE. At the very least she usually trades 2 for 1 or better since its an 8/8 and 1/1s that need to be AoE'd.


- Not great against rush decks: It has some early board control options, and decent burst, but rush decks are a hard match up if you can't get a teacher combo or taunt bears out early.

- A bit reliant on combos to win: Although sometimes you can win without using the combos, a bad opening hand can make you lose the game. This is why I like to use Illidain; knowing that he is in your deck, you don't have to save your teachers for a combo and can throw them out like yetis if you need to. He isn't as good as the teachers because of the extra mana, but it is still nice to have a 3rd teacher around when you need it.

Let me what you think about the deck and if you have any questions about it. I'm open to any suggestions/criticism, but keep in mind that it is more of a fun deck then a competitive one.
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Looks pretty bad, but okay. thanks for posting.
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06/19/2014 05:45 PMPosted by Applesoup
Looks pretty bad, but okay. thanks for posting.

Very constructive of you.

(In case you were wondering, that was sarcasm.)
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