help with my rank 14 mage aggro deck

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the easiest match up is usually zoolock/murclock rush, i just dominate the board with board control with spells/minions
the toughest match up is druid or shaman
the 3rd toughest is probbably paladin with his crazy weapon +1/+1 for each minion summoned
maybe priest is a tough one too, but less tough than othan druid/shaman

rarely get matched with rogue, so have no worries about it

i used to have no polymorph/flamestrike in this deck but control decks just murder me so i was forced to add 1 of each
and for some reason, control decks usually masscres me unless they dont have any minions to play nor have much card removals...
the toughest time was druid, not only they have card removals, they also play big lategame monsters, also can play big guys llike yeti on turn1
it seems every single shaman have a counter for everything i play as well, minion removal spells, midgame monster+bluffs+totems, maybe they watch too much trump's f2p shaman videos, anyway only see shaman occasinally, so not much of a worry....

my strongest combo is mana wyrm+coin+mirror image on turn 1, very hard to lose with this combo, unless they get removed in 1-3 turns....if not i will dominate the game for sure...
i used to have flesheating ghoul, raging worgen, and amani beserker in my deck, but they die so quickly, if they last a lil longer i will play them every single time
i used to have arcane intellect in my deck, i replaced them with acolyte of pain, and it seems other classes have it made with card draws, this is like the toughest class for card draws
whenever i have a ping combo such as gurubashi beserker, they usually have an answer/counter/removal for it as soon as i play it, of course if they dont, it's game over for them...

once it hits 8-10 mana, i'd drop arcane golem in a heartbeat
and notice i dont have any taunt monsters besides mirror image, if i can't establish board control, my game is pretty much lost
if opponent regain board control in mid/late game i usually have lost the game unless i can kill immediately...

in a sense, how can i beef up this deck?
so my game plan is control vs aggro opponents, aggro vs control opponents
but i get dominated by control opponents, unless i draw very good cards, unless they have bad card removals/board presence

i think i can go to at least rank 10-12 with this deck....but is there anyway to beef it up more?
and of course i haven't paid a single dime with this deck, this is a basic deck with 0 dollars spent, crafted some cards like mana wyrm, harvest golem, acolyte of pain and arcane golem, otherwise cards were either basic or given to me for free from opening decks
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turn 1 mana wyrm+coin+mana wyrm worm
turn 2 arcane missilesx2+mana wyrm attack is sick
turn 3 just attack+hero power
turn 4 yeti
turn 5 fireball = gameover

this is the sickest win i've had so far
here is screenshot
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A few thoughts:

Your deck lacks card draw if you want to play aggro. I'd ditch the Acolyte in favor of cards like Loot Hoarder, Bloodmage Thalnos, and Azure Drake. I realize that you may not have most of those cards yet - but they'd really improve your deck. Maybe use Novice Engineers as a compromise. Put Arcane Intellect back into your deck - it synergizes well with Mana Wyrm and Sorcerer's Apprentice, and its a better card than Acolyte to quickly cycle an aggro deck.

As you've noted, as an aggro mage, playing against control decks is the biggest challenge. If you don't manage a lot of early damage, you're toast. Your deck doesn't have enough tempo. You have to race to the face. Your game plan should be to focus on dealing fast early damage with minions, and finishing with burst damage (which, for a mage, generally means spell damage, although minions with charge can serve this purpose if you somehow aren't facing big taunts).

Doing lots of fast early damage requires better card draw than your deck has (as already mentioned), as well as more efficient damage dealers. I'd trade the Golems for Knife Jugglers, once you get that card.

Polymorph, Flamestrike and Gurubashi are considered great cards for many mage decks, but I don't like them in an aggro mage deck. They're expensive in terms of mana and slow tempo down too much. If you have to use Flamestrike, you've probably already lost anyway.

Don't focus on removal cards. Ditch Arcane Explosion, because 2x Arcane Missiles is enough to deal with early removal.

Consider swapping the Yetis for Water Elementals. Having 2x each of Water Elemental, Frostbolt, Mana Wyrm, Ice Lance, and Sorcerer's Apprentice in a deck leads to crazy synergy opportunities.
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