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Hello! I'm interested in improving my deck-building skills, as I know they are below average.

Here's my deck:

As the name implies, I'm shooting for a "midrange" playstyle, where I use control and a couple threatening minions in order to establish minion superiority, and lead to a steady win.

That's the theory, anyway.

However, I've been struggling to climb ladders in Ranked. My win rate ranges from 40 to 60%, depending on the matchup and my luck. I know the deck has flaws (it's biggest is how heavy it is on 3 and 4 drops), but I don't know how to fix them while keeping in the theme.

Any help would be appreciated.

PS: I know I didn't really explain my playstyle - the forum bugged and erased my post, so yeah. :/
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Looks good man, I would replace the forked lightning with a second earth shock. Also I would drop the Earth Elementals. I experimented with them, and when they are good they are very good... but more than not, it got hard removed immediately and I lost huge tempo. Perhaps you could replace them with Argent Commanders and be more offensive then defensive.

Two stormforged axes also is too much when you also have a doom hammer. You could drop that and add a second feral spirit.

But looks pretty good overall.
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I have tweaked the deck slightly following your advice, and I must say, it made a significant difference!

I felt the forked lightning is almost always useful as a good middle-ground between lightning storm and bolt, so I kept it. I removed one of the bolts, though, in favor of the second earth shock.
I removed one earth elemental and replaced him with a sunwalker. It will almost always trade as well as the elemental, but with the added benefit of not overloading and being immune to priests.
I've added faceless void, both because I don't have a second sunwalker yet, and because it could give me some great flexibility.
I've removed one rockbiter and placed an Imp Master (for bloodlust shenanigans, heh)
And I think that's all I've changed. :)
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