Legendar is worth Crafting for this deck

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here is a picture of my deck

i mostly copied it from this guy


i can craft a legendary so what should it be

and i am having some troubles Vs hunters ...

mostly 4 out of 5 games i would lose against them i dont know why ..
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Your priority is craft Bloodmage Thalnos.
There is no magic Legendary cure against Hunters. Most Legendaries are big, and against hunter, the game is decided way before you get to pop a fat legendary.

Your deck looks mostly fine, the difference between you and the guy in Legend is decision making.

Copying a Legend deck does not make you automatically Legend. Learn to play the deck.
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I can't look at your list b/c I'm on my old Ipad1 but the post above me is pretty spot on.

I would like to add that I feel Bloodmage works best in Shaman out of all classes since Wrath of Air totem acts as a soft taunt for most opponents. Thalnos is particularly clutch against Miracle for Storming away Auctioneer but is also generally usefull for things like Bolting 4 toughness minions such as Azure Drake, Auctioneer, etc.

Al'Akir is also great as a burst finisher in general and combos with Flametongue Totem as well as Rockbiter and is particularly great against Freeze Mages.

The Hunter matchup is always difficult on Shaman due to Unleash directly making our HP a detriment to use as well as Hunters HP putting us on a clock(due to Shamans bizarre lack of self healing)

Against Face Hunter, especially now that Unleash/Buzzard is 5 mana I have found that the best strategy is to "almost" ignore Unleash and just go for it. Spirit Wolves and Defender of Argus work particulalry well in this matchup to provide a wall against chargers.

If Hunter is playing the slower mid-range variant, I have found the match up to be much better. Try and save your Hexs for Highmains and Earthshocks for Hyenas and be sure to keep count of what traps they have used and bait them as best you can.

In both cases your best bet is to try and simply outburst them(which is no easy feat)

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