Freeze mages

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Why exactly are people complaining about them so much?

I have been playing it exclusively since I started playing Hearthstone, and though I agree it is a class that can do well, it can't touch at least half the decks out there. Pretty much druids and warriors are auto losses (unless warrior isn't control, which never seems to be the case), any smart paladin/priest that knows when they need to heal themselves can handle us just fine, zoo/hand locks do just fine unless we draw into all our board clears/freezes early (just a matter of rng), miracle rogue wrecks us unless we get a block up before the one shot, shaman is almost 50/50, with freeze mage probably pulling ahead slightly in that matchup. Hunters can take us easy just by running flare(s). Not sure if I am missing anyone.

Can the class be annoying to deal with? Absolutely. Is it overpowered, not by a long shot. Are all these posts/comments regarding freeze mage being overpowered all because some guy did well with it in a tournament setting or do people legitimately feel they are overpowered? I didn't watch it, but I am sure that it only performed well because of rng. All of the players competing in such a tournament have decks that can beat anyone/anything, and they are all very good decision makers regarding plays/what to expect, but ultimately rng (in many cases) is going to be the deciding factor as to who wins/loses. Any class deck could win a Hearthstone tournament given that rng was in their favor.

No particular class is really overpowered anymore than another. Some just have easier paths to success than others. Please get over yourselves and stop only making "This needs nerf/buff, QQ" threads. Play the game, accept that you aren't going to win all the games you'd like for one reason or another, and just have fun. Thanks.
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Most people are complaining because the deck is non-interactive and unfun to play against, not because it's power as a deck.
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vs freeze mages use:
1.Control warrior ,insta win
2.Ramp druid ,it's about 65% win rate
3.Rush hunter or shockadin both about 60% win rate
4.Priest or control paladin,it's near 55% win rate
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Earth to the posters above:

You don't get to choose your opponent's deck.

We want to have a match with a fair chance against any of the other classes, not just "oh, it's a mage and I like shaman...concede"

The problem with it is freeze mage has the ability to directly kill you without any counter (and no, heals don't counter it...they just delay it for 1 round, which does nothing because the mage has ice block).
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Also in direct response to Grim.... look at all those "unless" you have to add in there.

What it says flat out is you have control over the match, from start to finish.

What your opponent does might work, but it depends on you, not them - their strategy is almost irrelevant in the face of your ability to just kill them.
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I played against a freeze mage today [Casual] I noticed that he used blizzard in mana 6 and was preparing to do the flame strike which would have killed my 2 strong minnions out there so I simply countered that by buffing a minion with the BoTK [4/4] and giving the other divine shield [the 2/2 protector].

He simply couldn't waste his flame strike and wasted his fireball on the buffed monster.

I kept my Guardian of the Kings in my hand and I had the true silver champion so after he uses Alexstraza, I would heal 7 HP, he did use Alexstraza but I then healed up and got around 21 HP, I dropped him to the iceblock [2 hp] and had hammer of wraith in my hand in case he cleared the board somehow then he conceded like a coward. My deck isn't anti-mage. Its a normal pala deck with no fancy cards just few rares and some commons. The freeze mage isn't that tough and can be beaten easy without creating a specific deck just for him.
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I guess it brings out memories to some players when freeze mage was much worse than it is today.
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