Help with aggro please.

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It really doesn't matter what class I play, I always struggle mightily with aggressive aggro decks. I just played 4 ranked games (12-13 range) all against aggro. Lost the first 3 due to not ever drawing lightning storm, won the 4th one because I drew two lightning storms.

I think it's obvious at these ranks aggro is what I will face the most, and would love some advice on how to properly play against these decks, and what cards you would substitute into my deck to help me deal with aggro.

Thanks for any input gentlemen!

Earth Shock x2
Lightning Bolt x1
Rockbiter Weapon x2
Argent Squire x1
Stormforged Axe x2
Flametongue Totem x2
Feral Spirit x1
Hex x2
Lightning Storm x2 (I never draw this when I face aggro, drives me nuts)
Harvest Golem x1
Mana Tide Totem x1
Unbound Elemental x2
Chillwind Yeti x1
Defender of Argus x1
Gnomish Inventor x1
Bloodlust x1 (I'm still torn on this card. I understand why shamans don't run it, but when you have board control this card is pretty amazing for me)
Azure Drake x2
Gadgetzan Auctioneer x1
Argent Commander x2
Fire Elemental x2
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Try second lightning bolt and feral spirit. I personally dont think you have enough early game minions. Try replacing some spells for minions with taunt.
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You need 2x Feral Spirit and 2x Lightning Bolt. Having Gnomish, Auctioneer and Mana Tide really sucks up a lot of spots for card draw. I've tried decks with and without Bloodlust. I've noticed it works best with Violet Teacher in place of Yeti.
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appreciate it, the main reason I'm lacking the second lightning bolt and feral is due to a lack of dust :(

Thanks for the bloodlust tip gate.
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I think having 2 of the below cards will improve your chances against rush.

Lightning Bolt
Argent Squire
Feral Spirit
Defender of Argus

I would also consider adding Sen'jin Shieldmasta to your 4 slot

Think you only need 1 of Mana Tide Totem, Gnomish Inventor, Gadgetzan Auctioneer

wild pyromancer can also work well against rush
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You need to set up your responses when you mulligan. Against these type of decks i usually try to get a hex, a lightning bolt/storm and some taunt (argent squire/argus defender really works wonders).

If you' re playing against lock i strongly advise you to not waste your lightning storm unless you're going to mitigate a LOT of damage. it's no point using it right away when you're gonna get overload and be defenseless next round (except when there's no other alternative).

Also, try to predict when hes goin to clear the board or soulfire/similar spell and how much damage he needs for it. If you drop a unbound elemental and no overloads they can kill it quite easilly.

Try to get a Bloodmage Thalnos, Shaman have a LOT of responses for almost every situation, you can drop a Bloodmage Thalnos + Lightning storm and hit a minion for 4 damage using 3 mana! You' ll get +1 spellpower AND a card draw, talk about OP. Also, i don't like argent commanders, for some reason i think they aren't that usefull when you already have a 6/5 on that mana range that do 3 damage when played.

Have you considered running another type of deck? you can use big combos like:

Doomhammer + rockbitter + rockbitter (16 damage, 7 mana + overload),
Leeroy + windfury + rockbitter + rockbitter (24 damage, 8 mana),
Mana adict + windfury + 2x rockbitter + any other spell (usually earth shock to bypass taunt) (30 damage, 2 mana for mana adict + 5 mana next turn)
Alakir + 2x rockbitter

You get the point right? you can always control the board using spells and minions like fire elementals, but the only lethal you have in your deck is bloodlust, which i only keep one in my deck and to be honest i rarely finish matches with this, you need to rely on board presence to be able to kill some1 with it, and against aggro decks you're not gonna have it.

Try to force your opponent to use his disables before you play big cards. For example, people tend to ignore argent squire, put a argus defender on his side and it will be a 2/2 taunt with divine shield. If you do this, they'll be forced to use a disable on a 1 mana, 1/1 minion. You' re trading a 1 mana card for worst case scenario a earth shock that could be used on any other minion, best case scenario things like polymorph and stuff.

Some other things are just basic knowledge, you know your 4/4 azure drake won't get killed by priest spells (except for that 5 damage 5 heal he has), so don't drop a 4/4 next to your flametongue totem against priests. You 're planning a hex on this turn, attack before, hex in the end of the turn (unless it's a big taunt that you can only deal by hexing).

Don't be afraid to use your spells on early threats (except rockbitter, only use it on LAST RESORT, like a big minion that is going to hit you 8 in the face or something like that), it can save you a LOT of health, and health is also a resource in hs IMHO.

And last but no less, keep in mind that are excpetions for almost everything i just said rofl, you don't have to follow these instructions blindly, you make plans every turn in hearthstone, and you need to be prepared for when things don't go as planned.

I hope any of this stuff i wrote can be usefull to you, and sorry for the bad english, it's not my native language :P
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Hi, my tips:

Drop the Bloodlust, the Auctioneer and 2 Commanders (You have Fire elemental, don't really need them).

Add second lightning bolt, feral spirit, squire.

Swap the yeti for a Senjin or another Argus.

Now, normally I would only recommend one Axe, but since you want to specifically beat Zoo / rush decks, you can keep two axes.

Lastly, if you want to SPECIFICALLY beat zoo, add one Wild Pyro OR Forked Lightning.


ps. Zoo seems impossible to beat in the beginning, but you CAN beat it, even when you dont draw storm right away. Just mulligan for removals and a strong early game, dont overload with wolves on turn 3 unless you have a good followup for the next turn, and...

Most important... when you DO get lightning storm, try to wait one more turn to use it if you can - try to lure the lock into playing his whole hand. Let him think "oh, if he had lightning storm he would have used it now". Save your Hex for Doomguards, Earth Shock for Commanders / Priestess. Late game, when you get down to around 10-12 health, put up taunts! Multiple taunts if possible, e.g. squire + totem + argus, or ferl spirit.

Check out Ajayxd's youtube guides too, he has one on zoo.
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