Aggro Warlock Card Starved?

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I wanted to complete my daily quests with warlock so I checked out what seemed like an awesome aggro warlock deck. Lots of cheap cards, and it whittled down the practice AI like nothing I've ever seen. I felt good.

But then I played a few games against my wife who's just a starting mage and I found myself struggling with card draw. I know warlocks have a hero power to draw one card, but use it too many times and I'm screwed. Her AoE spells repeatedly took out 3-4 minions at a time and I was forced to top-deck to my doom.

I main a druid and so when I faced aggro warlocks both yesterday and today, I used the same weakness I found to defeat them. Sure, I got low on health by turn 6-7, but by then they have nothing left. Absolutely nothing. They'll get me down to 17 health and by then my main druid combos are just getting ready and its gg.

So two questions:

1. Is card draw a real weakness for Aggro Warlocks? Or did I just play against poor players? Consequently, was I a poor player of aggro warlock when my wife kicked my !@# all over the board?

2. How do I avoid being starved for cards when playing? It's soooo easy to put minions on the board. They're all 1,2 and 3 mana. Awesome for a fast start. But then, it begins to hurt bad...
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I play a lot of mage, and am usually happy to see a Zoo / swarm Warlock, I can freeze / AOE down the minions. the warlock hero power plays right into my hands. and then you can finish them with direct too the face damage.

Off hand (I'm not a warlock expert mind you) i'd say the general rule is don't over commit to the board, if I have an AOE in hand, you have a bunch of minions and no cards in hand - I am going to AOE.
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That is the weakness of any aggro deck, however it also means you need to have those AOE cards in your hand, try to play against it when you don't draw your Swipe then report your findings.

Against mage it is generally only painful if the mage runs crap cards like Arcane Explosion/Missiles which are however considered pretty bad and are not common in higher ranks.
Flamestrike is usually too late and Blizzard is usually too weak.

Secondly, if you are in a position where you hold control of the board and suspect an AOE spell incoming you simply don't play your minions to minimize the losses. (this applies for every class)
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