Here is my deck list

2x Innervate
2x Wild Growth
2x Wrath
2x Savage roar
1x Big game hunter
2x Harvest golem
2x Swipe
2x Chillwind yeti
2x Keeper of the grove
1x Leeroy jenkins
2x Senjin shield master
2x Azure drake
2x Druid of the claw
2x Force of nature
2x Argent commander
2x Ancient of lore

As of now Leeroy is my only legendary which I got from the pack I was so lucky because I have a Face Hunter. I don't use Leeroy on my ZooDeck which I mostly copied Massan's version. I put Senjin because it kinda' counter Zoo if I innervate it, I find that running Sunfury protector instead of Senjin is a bit slow, like when against Zoo I feel "I need a taunt right now".

Could this community share some insight? On what do I need to craft and replace some pieces? Thanks for your help. I love druid currently rank 11 NA. <---- So Noob. BTW Leeroy sometimes win me games I'm not sure sometimes I ram it on taunts then swipe. Maybe Ragnaros would be better but I don't have it as of the moment.
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