Stuck in Rank 15-13? Tired of getting constantly beaten by aggro decks?
Then look no further, you've come to the right place.

I went from Rank 13 to 10 with this (somewhat unusual?) deck:

Surprisingly good vs aggro, decent vs midrange too. I doubt it stands against Druid Taunt walls, but you don't really see those Legendary + Innervate Druids in mid-ranks at all. I started out with Demolishers, but I eventually opted to switch them for Mana Tide & 2nd Sen'Jin. Demolishers can quell rush decks rather effectively when behind Ferals or Shieldbearers, but they're bit poor against midrange.

So far I've managed to fend off Shockadin, both Zoolock AND Handlock (maybe I got bit lucky with Handlock, he was forced to overdraw in early game), two Hunters (I kid you not), one Freeze Mage (lost to 2nd Freeze Mage though) and a Priest.
Basically you just want to mulligan into cheap cards (Squire, Shieldbearer, Axe, Unbound Ele) or possibly AoE clear options (Storm, Wild Pyro) and dominate board from get go.