Argent Commander vs. Cairne

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Hi everyone,

just wanted to get some opinion considering a card choice. It's just one measly slot in my deck, so the impact isn't huge, really. That's partially why I don't just test, to be honest. Winning or losing might not always be very clearly a result of picking one over the other.

The cards in question are, as the title says, Cairne Bloodhoof (who's currently in) and Argent Commander, the potential replacement.

To give some perspective, here's my current list:

2 Earth Shock
2 Lightning Bolt
2 Argent Squire
1 Stormforged Axe
1 Bloodmage Thalnos
2 Flametongue Totem
2 Feral Spirit
2 Hex
1 Lightning Storm
2 Harvest Golem
2 Onbound Elemental
2 Chillwind Yeti
1 Doomhammer
2 Azure Dreck
1 Cairne Bloodhoof / Argent Commander
2 Fire Elemental
1 Ragnaros the Firelord

It's pretty much a standard list, if a bit focused on board pressence and mid-game aggression (thus, no Mana Tide Totems and only one Lightning Storm). As much as I like Cairne, he's the only card that costs 5 or more that doesn't impact the game immediately. Whether it's an immediate attack with the Dommhammer, the card and spellpower from Azure Drake, the direct damage from Fire Elemental or the firery purging Rag loves to do so much.

Argent Commander would go much better with that theme than Cairne. Now, if both stick around a bit, Cairne seems better for sure, but getting some immediate benefit seems nice as well. I'm actually thinking about running two Commanders (which I haven't been doing in any deck ever since they got nerfed). I'd probably drop Cairne and a Harvest Golem or an Unbound Elemental, in that case. Tough call.

Oh, and yeah, I'm not running Al'Akir. I tested him a while ago and never found him to be that great of a finisher. A suberp hard hitter if you've got your Rockbiter up, but not that great otherwise. And easier to shut down, thanks to silence, in my opinion.

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Argent Commander is really good in this meta since almost every popular deck aside from warlocks run Azure Drakes. AC is probably the best response in the game to an Azure Drake. It's also another creature with good synergy with Flametongue.

Cairne's not awful to run either, but is a bit slower and I feel like a lot of the popular decks have very good answers to Cairne atm.
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Argent commander with a storm forge axe can be a quick 7 damage to finish the game or take out a big threat.
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Argent Commander + Flametongue = instant 6 damage and AC doesn't die
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Pardon me for going bit off topic, but what about Sunwalker?
That card always induces headache for me whenever I see my opponent play that card, it's good at halting zoo rushes and thanks to DS it can take two hits from Handlock's 8/8 Giants.
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Well it really depends on whether your deck is fast or slow.

If you are going for burst damage and a mid game win - take commander.

On the other hand if you have a control deck and want to wear down your opponent into late game - take Cairne or Sunwalker.
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Thanks for the feedback, guys.

Took the Cairne out and the Commander did quite well. So well, in fact, that I went on to replace that lonely Stormforged Axe with a second Commander. Four power seems to kill so much stuff right now, and instantly, at that.

And yes, the deck is kind of agressive and, thus, somewhat fast paced throughout the midgame. Helps me grab the initiative from Zoo and stuff. Also kind of nice to finish control before it stabilizes.
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