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Shaman is getting a new card wich is kill your minion and bring it back to life. This cost 2 mana only.
The new op combo is if your losing and have no minion or few then play this new card with doomslayer wich cost 4 mana and then you have a cleared boar and mana probably to spare. This is the best combo i can think of with this card. Post your thoughts on this combo.
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Yeah it'd be okay as a 6 mana twisting nether, except then it replaces the doomsayer. So you couldn't play anything on your turn and you just stall the game for a bit.

I'm looking forward to using it conjunction with ancestral spirit and deathrattle, for example:

Sylvannas, ancestral, new card= steal an enemy minion, bring back 2 sylvannas'

Cairne, ancestral, new card= summon Baine, summon Cairne, summon Cairne.

Any legendary with ancestral and new card is essentially duplicating them. 2 Rag, 2 Ysera, deal 18 dmg with 3 Al'Akir attacks. The combos are going to be good and I can't wait.

Don't even get me started on the multiplying nonsense you can achieve with baron rivendare since ancestral spirit is a death rattle. I'm really looking forward to trying it out
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BTW its 4 mana Reberth cost 2 and doomslayer cost 2
And this combo is for when your really losing
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It does not do anything to Doomsayer, he doesn't kill everything when he dies he kills everything at the start of your next turn. I don't get where you got this from.

Reincarnate is only good for Sylvanas and Cairne both of which are too slow for Shaman and for the rest Ancestral Spirit is much better, which is already a pretty bad card.

In my opinion Reincarnate is absolute trash at the level of Divine Spirit + Inner Fire gimmicknes.
Possibly the worst class card from Naxx.
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06/26/2014 07:52 AMPosted by Talavaj
It does not do anything to Doomsayer
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Yeah, won't work with Doomsaya'.

I can't wait to test it out With ole' Leeroy though.
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