How many times has Bloodlust saved you?

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This card won me countless numbers of game whether I am in total control of the game or one turn lethal to defeat. It really is my savior that could turn the tide around and win me the games from the most desperate situation by itself. What do you guys think about this card?
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It does nothing by itself, which is a huge issue, imho.

I generally dispise cards like that. Have you weighed the amount of games where it was just a dead card in your hand against your victories?
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It is terrible especially because of the existance of savage roar.
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I lost count how many times I've had Bloodlust in my hand and thinking to myself "I wish I had picked a different card".
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It has saved me 0 times because I've thought it was bad since the start so I never used it.

Let me ask you a counter question, how many times have you been pissed when the enemy AoE clears your board while trying to set up that blood lust then blood lust becomes useless?
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It is basically useless if you don't have board control.

It may save you a few times against decks that ignore your board and hit your face. However, most of the times good players will fight you tooth and nail for board control, so you get very little value from it.

Unless you are running a token deck like Violet Teacher, you will be better off replace it with a creature.
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I think Bloodlust is the perfect example of a win-more card, and I'm personally not a fan of it. If you have a use for it, you likely have creatures on the board. If you have creatures on the board, you likely have board control. And if you have board control, you are likely going to keep it with all your cheap removal, flame tongue, argent commander, and fire ele. And if you keep board control, you're going to win more than likely.

If you don't have creatures on the board, it's a dead card.

That said, I do run a single windfury because generally the burst from wf/leeroy or from a fire ele they can't take care of is much easier to play (along with some rockbiters) than a bloodlust on a full board.

Shaman has amazing burst out of the hand. Don't see why you'd prefer it from bloodlust.

There are a few notable exceptions, of course--bloodlust is great against a paladin who hasn't been able to clear you yet, or a druid that hasn't ramped, or a baddy who ignores your board and goes face. But I think those are exceptions to the rule. Most players know you cannot afford to ignore a shaman's board because of the bloodlust/flametongue/wf threats he might have.
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