Paladin suggestions?

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Hey guys, I've been sort of flailing around the last few weeks trying to find a hero/deck combination that I really enjoy and I think I found it with a sort of budget Shockadin. I used the Shockadin as my jumping off point, but don't have all the cards in the deck list, nor did I just want to outright play someone else's deck.

Here's mine:

Paladin Cards:

Noble Sacrifice x 2
Blessing of Might x2
Blessing of Kings x 2
Divine Favour x 1 (though just added this and haven't played a game yet)
Equality x 1
Consecration x 2
Hammer of Wrath x 2
Truesilver Champion x 2

Neutral Cards:

Argent Squire x 2
Loot Hoarder x 1
Abusive Sergeant x 2
Leper Gnome x 1
Worgen Infiltrator x 2
Ironbeak Owl x 1
Knife Juggler x 1
Nat Pagle x 1
Harvest Golem x 2
Wolfrider x 2
Argent Commander x 1

Now, before you tear me a new a-hole, let me tell you why I've chosen what I have.

First of all, I don't have Avenging Wrath, a second Leper Gnome, Leeroy or Coldlight Oracle.

Besides those missing cards, I feel like the one Elven Archer is a throwaway, pretty useless 1 drop in this deck and that the one damage it provides isn't that critical.

I think that the Wolfriders perform slightly better than the Bluegill Warriors in the original deck, and the one extra mana cost isn't detrimental, especially when this is not really meant to be a rush deck. It feels more like a hybrid rush/control.

The two Noble Sacrifices have been great, though playing the second one is usually not as effective, but it still saves me face damage or a minion.

I know Nat Pagle is not ideal, but he can provide some awesome early card draw and soaks up four damage, as most players seem pretty desperate to get him off the board ASAP. I've also found that when my opponent silences him and I drop a Blessing of Kings on him, a 4/8 on the board is pretty nice.

The Harvest Golems are just pretty invaluable minions. Hard to argue against. And the Argent Commander is obviously a Leeroy stand-in.

I really just like the Knife Juggler/Hero Power synergy, plus all the cheap minions in this deck. Sometimes I can get that Juggler doing three or five damage in a turn.

Anyway, I've had decent success so far. It's a deck that's good enough to beat most of the other decks I face, and when I win it feels like it's because my deck and card draw were good and when I lose it feels like it's because my draws were crummy and my opponent's were really good.

Most of the problems I seem to be running into are AoE spells, big taunts and late game top-decking hoping for the right card. I'm either dying for a Consecration or a charge minion to drop a Blessing of Might/Kings on to finish my opponent, while putting out a recruit every turn hoping that sooner or later one will have to survive long enough to attack. Obviously the Divine Favour can help with that, but not if my opponent is top-decking too.

I feel like the most likely cards to take out would be Nat, Juggler, and maybe Blessing of Kings (mostly because dropping it on anything but Nat, Priests can torch it with a shadow word). But what to replace them with?

Any constructive feedback would be cool. If you just want to call me an idiot, feel free to skip my post. I already know I'm an idiot.
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I'll give you something to think about.

Pally's have the cheapest board wipe. (correct me if I'm wrong)

(2)Equality + (2)Wild Pyromancer = board wipe in most situations.

You can also usually wipe the board with Equality + either Consecrate or Avg. Wrath.

Another thing to try is sword of justice plus imp master.
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