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I decided to take a moment to post a Paladin deck that I have been using that brought me from rank 15 to rank 7 (hit it today and have been on a long-winded win streak). So, here it is*:

Equality x2
Ancient Watcher x2
Sunfury Protector x2
Wild Pyromancer x2
Aldor Peacekeeper x2
Earthen Ring Farseer x2
Harvest Golem
Big Game Hunter (replaced a Harvest Golem)
Truesilver Champion x2
Consecration x2
Hammer of Wrath x2
Defender of Argus x2
Azure Drake x2
Faceless Manipulator
Avenging Wrath
Boulderfist Ogre
Ragnaros (replaced a Boulderfist Ogre)

*I finally was able to afford Ragnaros, so I crafted him and added him place of one of my Boulderfists. I also added a Big Game Hunter because I felt like Pyromancer and Equality was a bit extreme to deal with one big guy (not to mention it can help add to card DISadvantage). Also, I chose to craft Ragnaros over Tirion because Tirion is only able to be used in a Paladin deck where as I can use Ragnaros in over half of my decks. If I ever get him from a pack he will replace Ragnaros.

This deck is f2p, and certain cards are being used as the next best choice to a legendary. The basic idea behind the deck is maximum efficiency through trades. It's usually a slow grind until my opponent doesn't have a way to deal with my threats. The Ancient Watcher suite is in there because they help slow aggro down a lot, at any point of the match. They are also usually good for soaking up some kind of removal from my opponent. Now specific card choices:

Abomination - works as an anti-aggro board clear and can even be useful for soaking up some removal from an opponent.

Faceless Manipulator - 3 Boulderfist Ogres are not exactly easy to deal with, and if they run things like Ragnaros it is always nice to copy it.

Avenging Wrath - I only included 1 because it is a fairly slow card as far as tempo. I personally think it functions best as an additional board clear, although I have used it as a finisher.

Boulderfist Ogres - they are subs for legendaries I would run if I had them. Although, I do think there is still some merit to them. They are just outside of BGH and if your opponent doesn't have any hard removal they are extremely tough to deal with, especially when there might be two taunted Watchers in front of it.

Sunwalker - my Cairne. It is weak to silence in the same way Cairne is and it's only additional weaknesses are Black Knight and Blood Knight, neither of which are all that common in the meta.

Legendaries - I currently only have Ragnaros, which replaced 1 Boulderfist Ogre. The only other cards I would replace with legendaries would be the other Boulderfist, which I would likely replace with Sylvanas. I would make that replacement because it maintains an alternate 6 drop to Sunwalker and Avenging Wrath while also being a card that can have potentially game changing effects if played at the right time. If not it is still a 5/5 and that is nothing short of formidable. If I had it, Cairne, I would also replace Sunwalker with him because Sunwalker is quite weak to Blood Knight and Black Knight, and even though they are uncommon, when they do drop it can be devastating.
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Which legendaries would replace which cards in this deck? Looks like a fun deck. Grats on rank 7
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Firstly, thank you. I am going to see how far I can get with just that deck in this season. Also, I updated the decklist with changes I DID make and ones I WOULD make if I had the cards. Lastly, if you do use this list I hope you find it fun and effective. Good luck gaming brotha!
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Congratulations fellow Paladin! Which class have given you the most trouble so far, and which would you say is your easiest win?
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Thank you Alan. I would have to say, and it just a guess as I don't track my own stats, but the class that I think gives me the most trouble is a Zoolock. If I don't get any Ancient Watchers up before turn 5 it is usually a really tough match. However, I would still say it is about a 50/50 match, maybe even a little in my favor as far as win %. The next deck I find somewhat difficult is a Ramp Druid. They have really good threats, and it usually ends up being a battle for board control that swings drastically each turn. It is still about a 50/50 but that match up for me is definitely a tough one if they get a stellar hand.

The easiest class/deck for me has been, surprisingly enough, Miracle Rogue. My deck runs so many mid range threats and taunts that Miracle has trouble dealing with them all without using key components of their combos. My deck also has the capability to heal for 14 from Earthen Ring Farseers and Truesilvers which makes it difficult for Miracle to get my health low enough to click and otk me. Especially since they almost always use key cards like Shadow Step and Cold Blood before they have enough mana or pieces of their combo. I am fairly certain I have not lost once to Miracle using this deck.
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