Looking for a cheap Deck that works?

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I have created a new deck.

Don't flame me until you try it.


This deck destroys everything I play from miracle, control, tempo etc.
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Post screen shot of your rank.

Worshiping will start after we verify you are Legend.
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Not looking for worship, just trying to get shamans some love. Try it and bash it if it doesn't work for you.
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Looks like a good deck, I'll try it out.
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06/26/2014 08:30 PMPosted by TheOak
Post screen shot of your rank.

Worshiping will start after we verify you are Legend.
LOL Oak :-). I myself wish I had time to reach legendary. Between two jobs, four grandchildren, a dysfunctional daughter. Achieving that rank of greatness is beyond my reach :-(.

But I am always happy to see other players use my creations to make that status. Even if it is in part. A good deck can be made by anyone. Legendary or not!

As to the OP's deck, it has some control. But any single wipe will destroy that deck. Then he throws a Deathwing in with it ? :-/!!!!

If I were to have a noobie rush/anti rush deck it would look like this.


That deck only uses two crafted lightning bolts. Replaced the basic forked lightnings. Cps are from the noobie crafting quest which gives you 95 cps!. It is made only with your base shaman cards and the neutral non crafted cards available to you. It would eat the OP's deck for breakfast!
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Even if your opponent clears the board, this deck is built to fill it up again the following turn.

Deathwing is your last resort all in, if all else fails and you are considerably behind in late game.

Again give it a shot first. The synergy is amazing.
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