Have decided to put HS down for the last day of the season due to me finally breaking into the single digits after being stuck in the early teens for the past 2 seasons.Just some observations on the season from my pov.

-It sucked to put aside my control pally which I loved, for a net decked agro deck but dear god the difference is night and day on my W/L ratio. Certain decks don't annoy me nearly as much as others (looking at you zoo lock) but others are more of a PITA.
-Agro actually has some challenge to it and can be more than zerg face and win.
-Playing at higher ranks taught me alot,maybe it was a mind set thing but It's taught me to look at cards, try them and then figure out if they're dead weight or gold.Same goes for combo's and plays.
-I added about 130+ wins towards my golden pally.
-I actually spent more time playing hearthstone.Normally I'd log on, do my daily and log off. ranking higher meant I actually I had some stake to keep playing.

My picks for the next season as possibilities are
Crazed alch.Would love to give this a whirl in my agro deck.
King Mukla.I like this card, but it has alot of snares that often don't come into play till later.
Cold light oracle.Great to get some extra cards and synergises well with DF.

What I didn't enjoy.
- rotating 3 different opponents it seemed. Zoo lock,miracle rogue and control druid. Very rarely did I see other decks in ranks 5-6.
-the niggling thought that I have to make a 2nd or third deck to play to get higher than rank 4 which I scraped into before being booted back to rank 6 then upto rank 5 again.
-Having to play another carbon copy of someone elses deck. It's just something I don't enjoy and feel... cheapened alittle by the experience.

Overall take away from this month is I enjoy playing at higher ranks I guess.
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