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Hey guys, just sharing my Handlock list. Pretty standard stuff but any ideas for tweaks and improvements are certainly welcome.

x2 Soulfire
x2 Mortal Coil
x1 Power Overwhelming
x2 Ancient Watcher
x2 Ironbeak Owl
x2 Sunfury Protector
x2 Shadow Bolt
x2 Earthen Ring Farseer
x2 Shadowflame
x2 Defender of Argus
x1 Leeroy Jenkins
x2 Twilight Drake
x1 Faceless Manipulator
x2 Siphon Soul
x1 Alexstrasza
x2 Mountain Giant
x2 Molten Giant
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Pretty solid

I run to hellfire's in mine due to the amount of zoo decks so it helps gain board control and lower your health to get out your molten giants quicker, from yours this would be in replace of one shadowflame and a shadow bolt.

If you have the dust i'd recommend Bloodmage Thalnos; helps mortal coil perform better, useful for getting more card control and that 1 extra damage for soulfire, shadow bolt etc, helps finish of a minion or enemy hero.
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I recommend u to replace Alex with The Black Knight and use a Hellfire instead of two Showdflame.

The reasoning behind that is that Alex gets rarely used. A lot of people just keep it in the deck for certain situations where u face an enemy who is still almost full health(means he controlled the whole early game) or to heal ur hero.
Honestly, when ur opponnent controlled the game for so long, there is a good chance that u are very low as well, so just get out some taunt, maybe some moltens and get the board control, which is easy, when the enemy put so many ressources into early board control. In this situations Alex is simply too slow.
When u want to use Alex while u are very low, u will probably not be able to taunt up due to Alex's high mana cost. Against most opponnents like Miracle, Druid and Warrior this is way more important than pure health. The only enemies where u really need the Health are Mages and Hunters.
I find that Alex is too often just a dead card to spend a full spot on it, when u can have a Black Knight on the other hand which can be used against almost any matchup(except Miracoli).

Hellfire is a really good spell vs Rush decks and it does not require a minion on the board to use it early. Against Zoos u won't have a minion on the board, since they will just trade everything(even Watchers). Shadowflame is a really good card, but mostly usable against slower decks after turn 5-6.
U do not want to run two Hellfire either, since most of the time Hellfire will just kill u more against Rush/Aggro decks, which are quite popular at the moment.
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I would cut alex, maybe the shadow bolts

could use thalnos as said that helps coil out and makes hellfire even better... oh yea you need at least 1 hellfire, I run 2 of each aoe in my handlock just because of the aggro running rampant.
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Cards I would cut and why:

Shadow Bolt-Just too slow of a card. 3 mana deal 4 damage and can only be used on minions? Pass. Replace with Hellfire for efficient board clear.

Shadowflame-I wouldn't run two, only one. Two is overkill, especially if you follow the above and go with two Hellfires which helps a lot against aggro(dealing damage to your own minions is mostly irrelevant since when you play Hellfire your minions will either have way more than 3 HP or will be so weak that it doesn't really matter if they die).

Alexstraza-It's not a terrible card, but many times I notice I'm not really gaining enough out of it. The 9 mana cost is just so clunky too. I'd replace with a Bloodmage Thalnos. The SP can often make the difference in killing a minion(e.g. 1 more damage to Soulfire can kill Yeti, or Hellfire can kill stealthed Gadgetzan).

So to summarize I'd do the following:

Remove two Shadow Bolts, one Shadowflame, Alexstraza
Add two Hellfires, Bloodmage Thalnos

That leaves you with one card left. I run a 2nd Faceless Manipulator, as you could potentially go turn 4 Giant turn 5 Faceless, or Faceless a strong opponent minion, but I've seen some Handlocks running Sunwalker or Sen'jin.
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A BGH just incase u need him vs priest, druid or faceless manipulators, Black Knight is a great choice and i like running Cairne too.
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I recommend The Black Knight, Sunwalker and Hellfire.
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I'd cut 1 (and probably only 1) of the Shadowbolts for a Hellfire. Hellfire is just too useful to have, particularly against Rush or aggro-control decks where it might be too dicey to try and rely on getting both Shadowflame and a suitable target in play quickly enough.

Otherwise I think it seems perfectly reasonable. Alexstraza is not a necessary inclusion, and feels a bit like a Tech pick, but I can see it going along with Leeroy somewhat. Still, if you ever get tired of her you might consider other options.
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