Is Alexstraza good in Paladin control deck?

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So yea I got Alexstraza in my 2nd pack and I just include her in every deck I have [totally biased here sry] but It didnt do bad in my Paladin deck, it just can save my !@# or burn the enemy's $%^ and no one expects to see Alexstraza in a Paladin deck as a Control deck, I want to hold the game and clear the enemy's board presence till I start dropping the fat guys and wreck the guy but sadly if I am stuck with 3 HP and I don't have a taunt or Guardian of the kings then I am doomed but then Alexstraza comes and saves the day lol. I am kinda new to Hearthstone tbh so sadly I can't afford any legendary but I just find this card really awesome not to forget that it leaves a 8/8 monster in the field which can make a huge impact. So what do you guys think? [pls no harsh comments dis is my first thread ;(]
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Sup man, Im kinda new too but i do main paly and have 250 ranked wins. made it to rank 8 paly only. Didn't really play much last season, gonna try for legend this season.

I tried Alexstraza for a while and while she can save your life sometimes and she can deal some beast damage sometimes,I think she's just way too unreliable for us.

Way to many games passed with Alexstraza in my hand and an good opportunity for her use not happening the entire duel.

when you get her early it gives you the sense of " I dont have to deal THAT much damage since i have her" it fills you with very false expectations, since most of the time by the time you can play her bringing your opponent down to 15 is often mediocre or harmful ( if under 15 ).

And now for the healing aspect. It brings you to 15 life while giving you no Taunt and using up 9 mana.
There's many many times where when Healing myself with her would be completely pointless, If you're losing and NEED the heal, most of the time your gonna lose anyway.

I like having cards that dont need the stars to align to help me.

Gl man
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I totally understood your point but don't you ever get beaten in the face and you are left with few hp but you do have some board presence but you will probably die to some direct damage [Either charge or spells or hero powers]. I understand that Guardian of the Kings is supposed to fix that but Alexstraza can have a better board presence and a higher healing potential as for the damaging aspect.

Although Guardian can be played earlier, I find that even in 10 mana, if you play Guardian of kings, you can't defend yourself well with those 3 mana crystals [unless you run healing touch but it sux as it just heals lol] and its the same with the Alexstraza but better as it has better board presence with better healing potential.

Also let's say, that in late game the match is kinda even, no one has controlled the board then all of sudden, you just smack him with 15 damage in his face. That will make it much easier for you to finish him and speed us the process before he get any key card/combination that can make him win the game :).

I do agree that it may confuse whether you want to hurt the opponent or strengthen your board presence or you don't find the chance to play her in case you made the opponent have less than 15 hp and you don't need healing.

One last thing, mostly if people can't burst you down, they will try to destroy the alexstraza [if you used her to heal yourself] which will mostly kill several of his monsters and buy you more time or even better in case you have a 1/1 squire or any "weak" on the board, you can then buff it and make favorable trades.

To sum it, I know that she has downsides and she is better in a mage deck but I find her viable and it had saved me in casual and ranked games several times or assisted me in destroying the opponent.
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I run a Healadin Control deck and I sometimes swap her in and out, do ending on what I'm up against. Since my deck really focuses on staying g alive for as long as possible at the expense of damage, she does help quite a bit with the 15 damage nuke and/or 14 health heal.
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