my two cents about the warlock

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text wall inc, i apologize.

when i first started playing hearthstone i instantly jumped to the warlock because of the cool cards and overall character, how ever, i soon found my self in a bad situation.

i believe, that there is a huge difference between playing warlock and basically playing most other classes out there.
this comes to light in the form of
1: The amount of actual viable builds
2: Which cards you need to even function a tiny bit properly.

i am no pro, i consider my self mediocre at playing this game, but when i play shaman or paladin, i find my self able to play many different funny builds and still have a moderate success. i agree, some builds and deck setups are better than others, but i am not locked down to two builds, like i believe that the warlock is.

i have a hard time seeing, that the warlock has more than two actual viable builds, namely
the Zoo-early-game-ill-fist-you-with-early-demons-and-murlocs
the build that has a focus on giants and jaraxxus by self inflicted pain.

Which other viable builds are out there?! i sure as heck cant seem to come up with anything in the same way my shaman or druid or paladin could. i have many opportunities to play different decks as these classes, but the warlock only seem to have two builds that works out and that is these two. and the problem with these two decks is, that they require some VERY specific (and rather expensive) cards.

Why is the warlock so demanding? because of his special ability, and last but not least, his self damaging minions. i liked the flame imp back in the days. i believe it caused me 1 or 2 damage where it now cost 3. i agree that for a 1 mana card it had to have a drawback, but imo, unless you run these two decks or decks that feature heavy self healing, then this just isnt all that great. the damage they can produce is great, but if you use flame imps, infernals, pit lords or even your board clearer hellfire, then you're dead before turn 6! even shadowfire (i think it was called) ends up killing your minion. and while its a very powerful ability as it deals the minions damage to others, then it STILL leaves you with having to sustain almost equally the damage your self, if you use this on, lets say, a pit lord. if you use Shadow fire on a demon, you're just gonna end up damaging your self, yet again, by summoning a new one. if you dont have jaraxxus or giants, then the warlock WONT be something you can get far with.

as of now, i am forced to either run a heavy healing orientated build to make up for self inflicted damage, or run builds that does NOT feature pitlords or flame imps. again the pitlord is great, but for 5 damage? that is so much that i have no way of understanding how this is fair, unless you purposely want to get your self low on health so you can throw molten giants and faceless manipulators at them. again, i understand that the pitlord is strong, but i wouldnt say it is SO strong that you need to take 5 damage to the face. i always thought, leave the flame imp at 2 self inflicted damage, and keep the pit lord at 3 self inflicted damage.

i dont know much about the pro warlock gaming, and i am not new to the game, but i do think that the warlock is very hard to enjoy playing when you lose so much damage in such short time. most enemy characters have very useful removers, that hexes or instantly kills the units ive spawned with my own blood. i personally feel, that the warlock is a character, that does NOT leave much for experimentation as you "need" specific cards or deck compositions, in order NOT to destroy your self when you use your class specific cards, that you otherwise really want to use. i dont think that any other class have it the same way.

those were my two cents. comments?
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Sadly most of our class cards are either crap or under budget, while class cards are supposed to be by default overbudget, leaving the only viable options to use mostly neutral minions in a class that SHOULD be all about our own minions
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Two decks that are viable in top-tier play is more than most classes have.
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07/01/2014 05:55 AMPosted by Studoku
Two decks that are viable in top-tier play is more than most classes have.

i agree yet the warlock is meant to be able to be played by everyone, not just the best ladder players. other classes can experiment on lower levels where there are fundamental cards you NEED to use if you want to play warlock, leaving experimentation to be very small
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